Your Skin Needs Break: Skin Cycling and Minimalistic Makeup

Makeup, makeup, makeup; dear folks, some breaks do good! For the most part, we know you like to color your hair crazy, get a crazy lip shade with glitter on the eyelids, and rock the party. But, for some noons, let it be quiet, peaceful, hydrating, and minimal!

Did the para above already lead to butterflies in your tummy? We have more! Let’s talk about some moisture, hydration, skincare, and more! Worry not; we’ll also guide you through a minimal makeup guide that looks clean and feels light, and pairs perfectly with good skincare days!

You can Try Skin Cycling!

Do You know about the new skincare trend called Skin Cycling? Absolutely fantastic for sensitive skin, it is miraculous to help your skin feel the bliss of skincare and give you the radiance you’ve been looking for! It all started with one dermatologist talking about skin cycling in one of her TikTok posts, and no sooner did that become the talk of the globe, not town! So, what exactly is skin cycling? Let’s find out!

Skin cycling is a type of skin repair treatment where the cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating routine is broken down into four days rather than doing all of it in just one go. So, in skin cycling, there’s one product per day.

What’s the benefit of skin cycling?

Skin cycling is believed to help the facial skin absorb the products better because there’s less layering, and the skin can work better with the specific active ingredient used on that particular day.

What is the four-day skincare all about?

Unlike a general skincare routine where she swears by CTTM (concentrated ingredients with more substantial impact) on the same day, here, slathering products is taken step-wise.

Let’s understand the four-day skin cycling routine with products and active compounds used:

The first day is all about exfoliation!

The first day of the routine is about scrubbing and removing dead skin cells from your facial skin. Here, we recommend using a chemical peel with AHA and BHA rather than cleaning with harsh ingredients. There are various chemical peels available, but you must use one that is clinically tested and dermatologist recommended, if not that, at least with positive feedback.

Also, remember, exfoliating must be done just once a week! That’s good enough. 

After you have exfoliated, go ahead and use a gentle moisturizer to soothe the skin. And, day one is all sorted. Then, go have a good beauty sleep!

Retinol is the second-day skin-cycling Hero!

The second day of the routine includes using retinol in the nighttime skincare routine that helps with anti-aging. 

First, you must clean your face with a gentle cleanser. If you like, you can use your regular toner; however, that is not very important. You needn’t use any other serum or oil. Just straightaway, use retinol in cream or serum form. No other active ingredient for the night. 

Then, sum up with a moisturizer, and you are done. The second day of skin cycling is all about retinol, and you must remember that. 


Retinol must not be used during the daytime because it leads to skin sensitivity and also makes the skin prone to UV rays damage. Also, you must use retinol only once or twice a week and not more.

The third day is all about Hydration, Hydration, and Hydration!

Now that you have exfoliated your skin and used retinol your skin must feel sensitive and in utmost need of hydration at this point. Thus, the goal for the next two days is to repair the skin barrier and boost the hydration level.

Here, use active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides. Use a moisturizing and hydrating sheet mask, hyaluronic acid serum, ceramides, and peptide moisturizer. 

These ingredients would help repair the skin barrier and also enable you to achieve flawless skin.

Day 4 works like Day 3

As already stated above, day four works in sync with day 3. So, all that you did on day three must be redone on day four too! Two days of immense hydration would rightly repair the skin barrier.

For the rest of the week, go ahead with simple skincare, and even if you are using retinol, only exfoliate once the new week starts. 

What kind of makeup should you carry for a minimalist look?

Now that you have decided to help your skin breathe for a while, you can carry little makeup that doesn’t act too much on your skin. 

Go ahead, and use Coloressence ultra-light BB cream paired with a tinted gloss that works as lip and cheek tint. Supreme eyeliner will define the wings! And don’t forget the pore-refining primer. Only four products to go easy this summer!

So, good skincare and light makeup days until we have something exclusively unique for you. Till then, stay tuned!