Why The No Makeup Makeup Look is Trending Amongst Indian Celebrity Brides?

Yes, Athiya Shetty became Mrs KL Rahul and Kiara Advani just became Mrs Malhotra and we are loving the wedding pictures! May eternity is where the togetherness should reach, and beyond. 

While you already knew these guys were tying knots, girls, why were you keen about taking  a look at the wedding pictures? You wanted to see Kiara and Athiya as a bride, right? Their outfit, makeup, jewellery, everything! And yes, they joined the No makeup makeup look tribe!

So, what’s your take on this trending wedding look? Would you mind being a part or you just want the red bride to look for yourself?

Anushka Sharma was the one to start the wedding and no makeup makeup look trend and, we see, many have already been a part! Anushka, Katrina, Alia, Athiya and Kiara, all decided to take up the nude shade for lehenga and makeup for their big day!

Are you getting married? Or no, just want to try the no makeup makeup look in a traditional wear? Let’s help you out!

Rules For No Makeup Makeup Look!

Rule #1

Spend Some Time On skincare Treatments

There is going to be makeup for no makeup makeup look, but not a significant number of layers. So, your skin will be shining through! If you are planning this look for your big day, strat with skin prep now! Get skin hydrating treatments, do your skincare right, keep your diet clean, and gulp water to keep yourself hydrated. When followed rightly, the difference would be visible in a few days or weeks!

Before putting on the makeup, ensure that your skin is well prepped with serums and moisturisers. 

Rule #2

Find a Good Makeup Base

The role of a makeup base in minimal and nude makeup looks is essential. It helps the face absorb makeup and take it into the skin so that it looks like skin and not a layer of makeup.

Check out the Makeup Base by Coloressence that is designed for Indian skin, sweat proof enriched with Vitamin E to moisturise the skin from within.

Rule #3

Be Cautious When You Pick The Makeup Products

The nude look is all about the natural visibility of the skin. What does that mean? The quality of your makeup is extremely important. How do you determine that?

Makeup that sits on your skin without being visible as a  layer is a sign of a good product. Whether it’s foundation, concealer, or blush everything should give a natural finish. At the same time, the coverage should be decent, because you would be avoiding putting layers on!

Check out Coloressence HD Foundation that aims to give an HD finish. The product is available in two formats, liquid and stick, for varying choices and preferences. 

Rule #4

Find The Right Nude Shade

If you think, it is easy to pick a popular nude shade and everything is sorted, nah, it isn’t as simple! Afterall, it’s the game of lip colors at the end of the day. Not every shade of a nude lip color might suit your skin tone. So, if possible, visit the stores, try multiple shades, take someone along, dig into the store's lipstick stock and make the best choice.

The idea here is to tell you that you need to hunt for that startling shade your eyes are going to hook to!

Check out Coloressence Lip Color  Collection and surf through, maybe, you will find what you have been looking for!

#Rule 5

Get Products That Help Set The Makeup and Gives A Dewy Finish

The two most important parts of achieving a fresh face of makeup is how well you have been able to prep your skin and how efficiently you are settling the makeup on your face.

Rule number two clearly defines the significance of applying a good makeup and rule number 5 tells you to fix it well into your skin. Use a good makeup fixer that has a dewy fish to give your skin that satin-like finish. It is a must for a clean makeup look!

Check out Coloressence Makeup Fixing Products that are sweat proof, water proof, smudge proof and long-lasting. It is hydrating and locks your makeup effortlessly.

Whatever products you use follow these five simple rules to attain that satin like, dewy and fresh face of makeup! It might be simple to follow a makeup tutorial but difficult to see results you have been expecting.

Keep these minute factors in place, and you would be able to achieve that look that looks light and natural on your face.