Mascara Tips & Tricks To Save Your Day!

Who doesn’t wants voluminous lashes & a beautiful eye look- each of us wishes for that! So, now your desire to have a bold & dramatic eye look is easier with these super-handy tips and tricks. The go-to makeup product in every woman’s bag is Mascara for sure.

But, having the right one, counts for a defined eye appearance that makes everyone long at you a little more. Hunting for eyelashes that are thicker & give a natural finish comes to an end here. So, who rules the world? Girls, Of Course!

Amazing Fact to Know-

The first mascara was made at home with ash and elderberry juice by a Victorian woman. Then, in the 19th century, it was commercially workable through the invention of chemist Eugène Rimmel. He designed it by adding petroleum jelly as a primary ingredient.

Mascara Tips & Tricks You Really Gotta Know-

“Real beauty is boundless, but throwing a little shade with mascara never goes off”. And your beauty is effortlessly enhanced by Coloressence Ultra Lash Pro Mascara. Formulated with intense black pigment & highly waterproof composition makes it looks absolutely fine on the eyelashes. Indeed, it is a must-have in the beauty bag as everyday makeup essentials. And mind this- being a little too much narcissist is never selfish.

  • Curl your lashes first
    A lash curler is the chief source to enhance the volume at first. It is a simple usage hand-operated eye tool to create a swiftness & natural lift to the lashes. Twisting with a lash curler adds wonder effects to the overall eye look.

  • Prepare with a Loose Powder first!

    One of the best ways out of adding volume to the lashes is by first rubbing a little translucent powder on the lashes. And we got you the right one! Colroessence HD Loose Powder (shade Snow White) is your best pick of the bunch. Shhhh! It’s a secret for you-, your loose powder can now set the makeup & lashes both. Certainly, it sits easily on the lashes to make the lashes appear dense. So, pair Coloressence Ultra Lash Pro Mascara to get the rise-high look.

  • Your Spoolie Brush Plays a Crucial Role!

    Well! You might not know but applying the mascara with the right kind of brush makes a lot huge difference. Thus, a mascara that has a spoolie brush that is precisely designed, eases the application & evenly sits on lashes. Further, it avoids clumping so that your eyes don’t feel heavy. The ultra lash pro mascara has the just exact spoolie brush inside!

  • Wiggle & Swipe- the right technique

    Just wiggle-wiggle and swipe- you’re ready to rock the day. Well, the correct technique to apply mascara makes a massive difference. Try it out replace stroking upwards with wiggling in a soft zig-zag motion at first. Later, continued with a soft swipe in the upward direction. Apply a double coat if needed. Indeed, each stroke enhances the appearance & makes the eyes appear look fuller.

Star- Features of Ultra-Lash Pro Mascara-

The state-of-the-art Ultra Lash Mascara by Coloressence is a long-lasting waterproof mascara that provides an intense black finish to your lashes. The formula is carefully designed to fan the lashes to the extreme and coat them with intelligently curated black pigment. This lends the lashes the XXL volume making the eyes pop out even more.

To The Bottom Line-

New Flash! The above-mentioned tips & tricks for applying mascara like a pro are your best friend. No doubt, the right quality of mascara plays a crucial role in magnifying eyelash looks. You can get that va-va-voom expression all on by yourself with the comfort of your loyal Ultra Lash Pro Mascara & its magical wand. As you are your professional makeup artist to craft eyes that utterly appear wow.