Matte Lipsticks Are Here To Stay And Why?

Heyaa!! Heard about matte lipsticks or trying to find the right way to apply? Voila!! Here is where you shall find it all.

All you pretty ladies, you’ve got to pull the show effortlessly and we know how plunging is the contribution of the right lip colour and its effortless texture! And, once you have the right shade in place, chances of going back are pretty steep until you find something even better. But, why texture and type? Because, the look and efforts lie therein!

Matte lipsticks have been around since the 1900s when makeup pacified and took over cinematography and occasional dress-up games. Many lip trends like gloss, shimmer, stained, toned, chrome to name a few came and went, but one that stayed is matte. It is like that one friend who’s definitely going to show-up for the occasion even when no one does!

It is why you always have your favorite one in your purse, we know that, that’s a secret no more, but you know what, we like it, we love it, and you must keep doing it!

Sarcasm apart, lipsticks have been such a favourite cosmetic product, because the way it adds on to the vibrancy and energy is different and special. While it takes a minute or two to apply, the effect is pretty long-lasting (only when you’ve chosen the right one). But, it comes with concerns!

My lipstick is going to fade if I eat something, Oh, I need to find something to sip my drink, my lip colour is going to get affected if I drink anything randomly, why is it not adding in the glamour a lip colour should? You have these concerns, right!

Makeup should ideally give you the Confidence … to sound opinionated, to walk diligently and to act with grace, right? If this is how effortless you want to become with your choices and actions, pick the matte lipstick. Wondering, why matte? Here’s the take!

  • It’s low maintenance; You know, the makeup is to allow you to take bigger steps not drive efforts towards itself!
  • Doesn’t spread while you’re eating; so go crazy with your meals and enjoy them without being bothered
  • Looks stunning on you! Yes, you look drop-dead gorgeous when you wear that nude shade for the light makeup day, or the bold one on the day when you feel like it
  • It’s your weapon against the warm weather; shred off the summer loo, and stand against it with grace, nothing can take your confidence off!

So, have you placed an order for the matte lip colour in the shade you love? Good job, if you have already, if not, go do it now! Coloressence has discounts running on matte lip colours available in plentiful shades. If you need assistance in finding the best shade, visit our nearby stores and our expert will help you find your best fit (no added cost)!

Happy Reading & Happy Shopping!!