A Quick Guide to Creating The Best Brows Ever

If you had to list that one make-up product which acts as an instant game changer, which one would it be? Lipstick? Maybe! But there’s another one in the loom that can be popularly categorized as a silent performer. By now, you must have already known it through the heading, but, we’ll still name it. It’s filling and shaping the eye-brows.

What was the first thing your eyes caught in the entire picture? Don’t lie, it’s brows, right! Ah, that look is effortless! Worry not, you can get that too. Just spend five minutes  reading this blog and you shall be sorted on following the effortless brow tutorial, all by yourself!

So, How Do You Start?

Doing brows is so simple but the result is blaspheming, that’s when it is entitled ‘effortless.’ All you require is a brow kit that is available in different forms:

  • A brow palette with a brow brush
  • A brow pencil

On the question of which one to use, the answer would be, it varies on needs and what you’re most comfortable with. While a lot of people prefer going quick and easy with a stick, many others like using a palette on the go!

For multi-functioning eyebrow solution pencils, check out Coloressence 3-in-one eyebrow styler that comes with a tip, a middle smudger and a spoolie in one pencil.  The all in one styler comes with features like 12 hour stay, matte finish, non-transfer, and humidity and sweat resistance. It is easy to carry in your purse and style your brows whenever, wherever.

If you love eyebrow palette, go check Coloressence Get set Brow Eyebrow Palette with two shades (black and brown), and a highlighter. The shades are extremely blendable and creamy ready to apply without requiring any wax mixing for a hassle free experience. A dual-sided application brush comes complimentary with a spoolie at one side to help with a 360 degree brow makeover.

Now That You Know What You Need, How Do You Do It?

Filling and shaping the brows is simple and easy. Doing the brows also vary from expertise level:

  • As a beginner, you can start by filling the brows in their natural shape. 
  • At an intermediate level, you can create boundaries and fill in the shape
  • When you have become an expert in doing brows, it hardly takes a minute to go from drab to Fab mixing level one and two.

Before You Do It, Know This!

The brow colour you use to fill in your brows varies on brow type and natural brow pigment. Many prefer going for the dark brown shade to avoid them from touching the extreme, however, depending on the natural colours of the brows others like sticking to the black shade.

So, How Do You Decide Which Is the Right Shade For You?

Simple, just try and find it yourself! If you have lighter brows with low volume and density, the dark brown shade might be a better option for you. Similarly, if you are the blessed soul with thick and dense black brows, the complementary black colour might be the right pick for you! If you are just starting out, try and experiment with both the shades and find what looks better on you. Once done, everything is configured thereafter.

The rightest choice comes from a better understanding of yourself!

Last Few Words of Wisdom That You Must Read!

Your brows can transform your entire look when done well. For all the days when you want to look dazzled-up without layering extra on the face, do your skincare, do not forget the sunscreen, maybe layer a bb cream, fill your brows, a lip and cheek tint would look gorgeous, and you are all ready. Sounds like a 10 minute thing, right? Try it and thank us later!

Hope you found that interesting! We have more such blogs on our site, go read.