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5 Tips for Monsoon-Proof Makeup Look

5 Tips for Monsoon-Proof Makeup Look

Carrying a sweat-proof and waterproof makeup look during the Monsoon season could be challenging. But is the real challenge carrying the makeup? If yes, think again! It might be creating the perfect makeup.

How your makeup looks or feels depends on two significant factors: the products you choose; how efficient you are with your makeup application! When you get these two crucial points right, creating a matte look for monsoon is a hefty task anymore. This is what we will teach you here in this write-up. And, darling, when you have gotten a hold of these two specifications, sustaining sweat-proof makeup this monsoon becomes easy every day.

Should we start?

Let’s do it!

#1. Go easy and light with your Monsoon makeup

For an everyday Monsoon makeup look, keep fewer products on your vanity. The less you layer products on your skin, the more flawless and long-lasting your makeup will be during the monsoon.

Add a sweat-proof primer, a BB cream or a light foundation, compact, and Blush for the Monsoon glow, and a sweet lip tint. For eyes, pitch for an eyebrow styler and waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Altogether, this bunch of products would suffice your Monsoon makeup vanity.

#2. Prep your base

Prepping your base before applying makeup could be a pro tip. It will enable keeping your makeup in place and keep your skin moisturized and plumped. 

Quick hack: Rub an ice cube right after cleansing your face. This will minimize the pores and keep the makeup in place for much longer.

#3. Setting Spray is a must in the makeup vanity

The most basic monsoon makeup product is Setting Spray. We did not mention this product before because we wanted it to have its own glam and significance since its job is much bigger in the Monsoon makeup vanity.

Look at Coloressence FX Misty Finish Makeup Fixer, now available at 25% less!

Once the makeup is all done and set, hold the makeup fixer a few centimeters away from the face and spray it all over. Do not wipe or rub, but let it set on its own.

#4. Avoid too many liquid formulations

If you check our guide on product vanity, you will see there aren’t many liquid formulations we recommend packing. Try Coloressence HD foundation that well conceals the spots and gives a smooth and HD finish.

Picking a good foundation is better than selecting multiple liquid formulations for the base.

#5. Buy soft matte lipsticks

Invest in transfer-proof lipsticks that are soft and lightweight. Monsoon season is excellent for a pink and nude palette. However, remember to moisturize your lips with lip balm.

Try Coloressence OMK Non-Transfer Lip Colors that perfectly complement the Monsoon Breeze. As a Monsoon gift, buying two OMK lip colors will get you one absolutely free!


Monsoon Breeze calls for some good times, selfies, group pictures, and so many more adventures to explore. This is the time of the year when you take a break and rejuvenate just how nature replenishes in the rain. And, while you embrace such fun experiences, don’t forget to look your best. Because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, breaks become memories!

Happy Monsoon!

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