Babe, You Gotta Get Ready to Work and Take The Lead!

It’s said we pick the character we dress in!

The reason you don’t sound and act so presentable in the office is because you probably don’t feel confident in yourself! Then how do you bring the zeal to the table? The best way to revive confidence is to dress confidently and look smart.

Any time that I have a bright red (lipstick), I’m like, ‘Here I am. Who’s ready for me?’ Even if no one’s ready.” – Issa Rae

You don’t understand the power of lipstick; it isn’t just a cosmetic product; it is the crayon with which you draw confidence. A stroke of an eyeliner is not just a stroke; it tells the world of your presence and that you are here to take the lead! Then why have you been sitting back and underestimating that stroke of eyeliner and that lip color?

Coloressence is here to unveil the power of picking the character and acting that confidently at work! 

Let’s guide you towards an uncomplicated and fab office makeup look and how easily you can create it with minimal products. It’s time you scrutinize the lazy you and be the boss lady you are!

Let’s freakin do it.

Find a long-lasting Primer.

The first step is finding a solution to help your makeup last all day is to find something that can hold the look all day; you can’t get up between important calls and meetings to touch up!

Thus, finding a suitable Primer is the core step, probably, the chief one. You want to set it all for the whole day!

Check Coloressence Premium Primer Gel for a long-lasting and smooth & Matte finish!

A lighter Base that looks natural Flawsome (Awesome with Flaws)

Having the right makeup is not about concealing imperfections but blending it well!

Thus, we recommend you find a light base; a BB cream would do better!

Try Coloressence Sparkle On BB Cream boosted with Lightweight and Breathable formula.

Concealer just to cover the late-night meetings and work!

You don’t want to use the concealer full-fledged in the office. But all the late-night work commitments needn’t get highlighted.

Use Coloressence Liquid Gold Concealer to conceal dark circles and those rigid spots. 

An eyeliner to wing it Bold

Here we move to the eyes that will pave the way for attention. Don’t you want that?

Find a smudge-proof liquid eyeliner that can help you create a clean wing. We would not suggest anything other than Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner because there’s ain’t any!

Blusher to add on

A blusher shouldn’t be missed. It always works like a cherry on the cake, not necessary, yet good to glow!

We suggest the ultimate Coloressence Roseate Lip and Cheek Tint that gives the ultimate glowy finish to the cheeks for the daytime glam.

Finding the right Lip Color

Last but the most important, Lipstick! Honestly, we would not suggest you a shade because you know your shade better. 

Just pick something that goes all day or is easy to apply!

We have two suggestions for you in terms of type: If matte lip colors boost your confidence better, go with Coloressence ultimate non-transfer lip color, the Coloressence Roseate OMK Non Transfer Liquid Lip Color, in the shade you love.

If you like Lip Glosses over matte Lip Colors, try Coloressence Roseate Plumpkin to give your lips a plumpy finish. 

Final Words of Wisdom

Are we successful in making your office look easy to create? It is literally as simple as picking 5 to 6 products and getting ready in 15-20 minutes.

This 15-20 minutes you give yourself in the morning is going to boost your productivity levels to great heights. Give it a try! 

Putting on makeup is not for the world; it is for you to look into the mirror and say, “Girl, you are all ready to slay,” every freakin day!

Your hair builds a character for you, a character that sets an impression, and an impression that lives forever!