Wedding Ahead? Don’t Miss Packing These Bridal Vanity Essentials!

Yayyy! You said yes the other day and now the wedding day has knocked on your doors. It’s a whole rollercoaster journey of emotions for the bride-to-be. And one of the most alarming things is to pack the bridal essentials. So, we have got you sorted with the essentials for the bridal kit.

Hey, Gorgeous! Don’t worry as stressing can cause your face to pop out those mental emphasizes in the form of breakouts. Sit back, have a coffee, and read this manual to know the necessary ones. As it is better to be safe than sorry at the end moment.

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Bridal Kit Must-Haves!-

  1. Primer for the Initial Step

A primer is the first and most important step in a girl's cosmetic routine. It prepares your skin to hold your makeup in place immediately following the use of your skincare products. It keeps your face looking fresh & glowy all day. It also serves as a foundation and makeup base, concealing pores and minimizing fine wrinkles. The correct primer will also help to balance out dry and oily skin. So don't neglect this crucial first step.

  1. Concealing is must

Apply the ultimate concealer to your face to cover pigmentation, dark spots, rawness, or fine wrinkles. Photoshop can make your wedding photos look faultless, but who needs editing when the best concealers are on hand to save the day? Add these to your bridal cosmetic kit for a flawless, silky finish.

  1. Foundation for the flawless look

Never undervalue the importance of your foundation. The proper one will help you master your makeup, while the wrong one will turn you into the party's zombie. You don't want all eyes on you for the wrong reasons, especially during wedding receptions! Complete your bridal cosmetic bag with makeup product staples that will never let you down!

  1. Compact for the Compatibility

A compact powder aids in the longevity of makeup. It keeps the base from smudging and makeup in place for a longer period of time. If you have oily skin, a compact powder is essential! A compact powder absorbs oil from the skin, giving your face a matte appearance.

A contoured look defines your facial features, emphasizing your nose and cheekbones. It gives you a sculpted look for the day ahead. We recommend purchasing a small contour palette and plenty of practice for beginners to the technique and aesthetic. To enhance your diva quotient, prepare your cheekbones with the right tones of pink or red.

  1. Blush for the Right Shade-

To add the spark of a newlywed to your style, a girl's beauty kit needs the proper flush of joyful colors. Nothing refreshes your look like the proper tone of vivid shades in your blush.

Keep the duck-face pout in mind as you apply the blush to your cheekbones (suck in your cheeks to find them). Apply a small amount on your temples to balance.

  1. Having a Highlighter is mandatory

A highlighter is essential for bridal makeup. With beloved highlight tips all around you, add that luminous glow to your overall glam-struck style and ace curating the greatest bridal makeup kit list for your impending wedding celebrations.

Highlighter pigments attract light, giving your features a brighter, lit-from-within appearance. You use it over your foundation and before concealer to highlight the features that are naturally lit up by the sun - above your brows, brow bone, cheekbones, and the lip bow.

  1. Lipsticks are Girl’s Bestfriend

We can leave several items in our makeup kit out, but never the lipstick! Lip colors are our first makeup option since they illuminate our faces like nothing else. Lipstick becomes a BFF for most women, and it eventually becomes more than just makeup; it becomes a tool of empowerment that helps women to portray themselves the way they want to, or at the very least, make them seem attractive. And for newlyweds, it's a no-brainer to include a wedding kit.

To The Bottom Line-

Our pretty girls deserve the best care and should be pampered as well. Thus, we recommend using the finest Made in India products by Coloressence as they have an entire product assortment for the bridal kit. So, choose the best pick of the bunch and rock the bridal look!