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How To Shape Eyebrows At Home: Easy and Effortless!

How To Shape Eyebrows At Home: Easy and Effortless!

“Everybody says it’s so simple, but when I do it, it’s an entirely messed up situation. Why can’t my eyebrows look celebrity-like?”

Is this you crying over doing your eyebrows? Well, it’s not as complicated! The only thing is that you don’t know how to do it the right way, but, nevermind, we are here to help! 

Let’s find out the most appropriate way of doing the eyebrows, and, yes, the tips and tricks that will change your life!

Let’s dive in!

Are You Well Versed With The Shape of Your Brows?

The first and foremost thing is to understand your eyebrow shape which isn’t always a very common thing. Typically, there are five eyebrow shapes (unless you have a unique one that makes it to the sixth type🙃). These shapes include the following:

  • Arched
  • Steep Arched
  • S-Shaped
  • Rounded
  • Straight

You might want to look at the five shapes closely and understand which one is the closest to yours! The pick here is that you would have to line and shape your brows in their very natural shape. The moment you try making straight brows round, you will most likely mess up if you aren’t a professional and expert. 

So, stick to the shape!

What Product Are You Using?

The result is a cumulative effort of product and application. Let’s talk about products!

When it comes to quality products, don’t always look at the price. It’s not like only when you spend thousands will your hands get on a good product. The important thing is to look at what is being offered. At the same time, you shouldn’t try local and cheap cosmetics because it’s about your skin and the health that matters!

Here’s when Coloressence brings you the best-quality eyebrow kit in two different forms that is reasonably priced!

For the multi-functioning eyebrow solution pencil, check out Coloressence's 3-in-one eyebrow styler that comes with a tip, a middle smudger, and a spoolie-in-one pencil. The all-in-one styler comes with features like a 12-hour stay, matte finish, non-transfer, and humidity and sweat resistance. It is easy to carry in your purse and style your brows whenever, wherever.

If you love eyebrow palettes, go check out Coloressence Get set Brow Eyebrow Palette with two shades (black and brown), and highlighter. The shades are extremely blendable and creamy ready to apply without requiring any wax mixing for a hassle-free experience. A dual-sided application brush comes complimentary with a spoolie at one side to help with a 360-degree brow makeover.

If you are picking any other product, check on the quality, but don’t overspend. 

What’s Your Go To EyeBrow Shade?

Here’s another most important factor we missed out!

You watch a video tutorial, look at the shade the influencer is using and go for the same one. No!

Their brows and yours might not be the same. There’s two most widely used brow pigments that include dark brown, and black shades. 

So, how do you decide which is the right shade for you?

It’s simple! Look at your brows, are they lighter and dark brown? Then, you must pick the dark brown shade.

On the other side, if it is heavier and naturally black, then you must try the black shade with lighter hands.

But, trying both shades is cool to find which looks better on you!

Sorted? Let’s move on!

How To Shape Brows At Home, Easy?

To shape your brows at home, follow the steps below:

  • Take the product which is the best according to you
  • Start filling the natural spaces with lighter hands. (Remember, you must avoid heavy hands while filling the brows, this is what is responsible for an unnatural finish).
  • Or, you can start lining your natural shape to give better enhancement and then go about filling the brows.
  • Once done, take the spoolie or brow brush and brush the brow in its natural growing direction. (Between a brow brush and spoolie, spoolie works better in our experience).

Finally with the help of the brush settle it for a neat and clean look 

Are We On The Same Page to a Perfect Brow Tutorial? 

We tried putting everything that can help you get the effortless eyebrows you want! Check out the products at Coloressence for an incredible brow makeover, and we’ll see you soon with something more interesting and exciting.

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