6 Reasons Why Using a Primer is a Must-To-Do Step!

You must not put yourself in a position to read this guide because understanding this step is so expected.

But never mind! Now that you are here thinking that a primer is an overrated makeup product and the cosmetic industry is just trying to fool you, we have a different take. 

If skipping a few makeup products would do well, don’t include Primer in there. Primer is not to miss! However, when you want your makeup to look chaotic, you can do it!

Let’s see why Primer is not a makeup accessory to skip!

Reason #1. For Blurring Imperfection

Primer creates a smoother base on the facial skin that fills creases, wrinkles, flaky skin, redness, and a bumpy texture.

Using a Primar will allow your base products like Primar and Concealer to sit better on the skin and glide smoothly. Coloressence Premium Primer Gel has a very smooth texture that minimizes pores and creates a silk-like surface on the skin. 

Reason #2. Protect the facial skin

Let’s face the truth! Cosmetic products like Foundation and Concealers have chemicals that are not boon for the skin. However, a good Primar is a product that protects the skin from long-term damage like acne or breakouts.

However, non-comedogenic cosmetic products in nature do not clog pores, and help prevent whiteheads, blackheads, and acne.

Reason #3. Prevents Oil

Oil-free Primers are God’s gift for oily skin and mattify skin to keep the makeup in place for long. The product’s formulation binds makeup with skin and lends an even-toned, grease-free, and sheen finish to your makeup look.

Reason #4. Makes the Look Last Long

Primar’s most crucial role is to make the makeup sit on the skin well for longer hours. It fulfils the role of a barrier between the moisturized base and the makeup product.

Since the Primer mattifies skin and evens the texture, the makeup can also stay for prolonged hours in humid and sweaty weather.

Reason #5. Gives a Youthful Appearance

Primers effortlessly conceal fine lines and wrinkles, enabling a youthful facial appearance. The skin looks improved, and quality is revitalized and restored. Many face Primers. have hydrating and moisturizing features that aid dryness and mature skin problems. Primers available at the Coloressence store have all the premium features that can uplift and enhance makeup.

Reason #6. Hydrates Skin

Primers help even the skin because of their intense hydrating feature that creates a softer and plumper base. Such kinds of Primers not only keep the makeup sitting in one place but also ensure that the makeup looks natural and undisturbed.

From removing the patients to preventing the greasy and oily appearance, a hydrating Primer revives skin and boosts the makeup as per the individual’s skin type. 


In this guide, we discussed the reasons why you must use a Primar fundamentally. And we expect you to work accordingly! Like, take it from here that YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR MAKEUP WITHOUT USING A PRIMER EVER. Period!

Moving on, we will bring upcoming guides where we will focus equally on ways to pick a Primer for your skin and use it to sustain maximum benefits.