Achieve the Iconic “DESI GIRL LOOK” like Priyanka Chopra

The iconic “Desi Girl Look” is the whole charismatic appearance by Priyanka Chopra ever in the history of enduring roles. Girls, be true- you have all that time wondering to get that one evergreen form right, but missed out at one or the other corner. Perhaps, every farewell, wedding, or even simpler occasion is escalated with it. So, here’s the key unlocked to achieve that eternal desi girl makeover for our darling!

Ready with the Makeup Vanity? You will require it in the next 3-4 minutes. Because we are breaking down the not-so-basic makeup look!

Step-by-Step Guide for Priyanka Chopra’s Charming Saree Look-

Before we move ahead grab your fire addition- the metallic saree to rock the floor!

  1. Prep Your Skin well

Oops! Don’t begin directly with the makeup goodies. Rather prepare the skin first well by either cleaning with facial wipes or washing it with a gentle face wash. In addition, moisturize the skin well continued by a skin-friendly face primer or pre-makeup base. It will act as a primary layer for even blending & fine settling of the makeup ahead.

  1. A Flawless Base to Go with

What comes next? A subtle & naturally looking base that blends seamlessly on your skin. You can either opt for a liquid foundation, a makeup base palette, or even a stick foundation, whatever suits the skin. However, adding concealer is a must.

  1. Subtle Brown Eyes

Our very own Priyanka rocked the dance floor & of course the Desi Girl attire with nude & subtle brown eyes. In addition, she introduced the nude makeup look trend much prior to what we follow now. So, how can our queen miss that? Thus, you rock it with highly pigmented & long-hour-staying eyeshadows. Further, don’t miss doing the eyelashes, brows, and underlines in the eye. So, grab the best mascara, and eyeliner for that little smoky smudge. And also enhance the brows while shading & filing them, and do it finally with a kajal.

  1. Contour & Highlighter

Mrs. Jonas had a defined & well-sculpted face, of course, she eats clean & mindfully! But, one thing else that has performed well is the face contouring & highlighting. So, pick the right contour & highlighter that will escalate & accentuate your face areas while also delivering a more carved appearance.

  1. Blush-Blush-Blush

A mild blush or a tint never goes off! Blush delivers an even finish and a healthy glow to your skin. It has a natural appearance and is suitable for all skin tones, from light to dark, and every shade in between.

  1. Bake the Base before it turns Cakey

Dancing at the party to flaunt the desi girl look is definite and so is the sweat. But, wait we have an addition. Compact or Loose Powders- Compacts are the ideal powder for touch-ups on the run. It is placed in a pan and can be used to remove extra oil and sweat from your face. A compact powder also provides light coverage and evens out your complexion. While loose powder is also a wise choice as powder formulation mixes easily without leaving the skin cakey.

  1. A Brown Nude Lipstick & Fixing Spray for the final touch!

Oh-Ohh! No darling, you aren’t ready now- a last thing is here. How can you miss the subtle & nude lipshade? Pick either a creamy one or a matte finish liquid lip color that adds a little sparkle. Done with the lipstick? Now fix the makeup with a makeup fixing spray that locks the makeup on the skin and keeps it intact.

To The Bottom Line-

We know that somewhere in your heart you will wish to get that Desi Girl look right! And how would you do that? We recommend nothing but the best to our queen so pick the Made in India cosmetic products that suit well on Indian skin. And most evidently will help you have the most appropriate & flawless look.