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Trend Alert: Achieve The Barbie Look With a Few Easy Steps!

Trend Alert: Achieve The Barbie Look With a Few Easy Steps!

Barbie..Barbie..Barbie! It’s been the most significant trend of the year. When did the Barbie trend become bigger than ever? It was pretty swift, but never mind, we have gotten your back.

You want to look like Barbie? We’ll make you the prettiest pink Barbie you have ever seen! Let’s plan to colour the whole of this month with the many shades of Pink directly inspired by Barbie! Let’s create a perfect Indian Barbie.

Give a Fresh Start With a Clear Skin

You Might love performing some significant skin rituals to get a natural inner glow resulting in radiant skin. A little skin massage and some sheet masks would do for the prep! You might hop on your Yoga Mat and perform a few Surya Namaskars to get that glow from within.

Fresh Base With Skin-like Finish

Let’s start by creating the base. Pick the HD Foundation by Coloressence and pair it with Coloressence Hydrating Liquid Gold Concealer.

Start by applying a darker concealer (darker than your shade) on your blemishes, spots, under the eye, and other such areas. Use the foundation in your shade and then top it up with a concealer that is one shade brighter than yours. Finally, set the makeup with a compact and makeup fixer spray.

Oh yes, do not forget a primer for the flawless base!

Our top picks:

Wing the Eyes

What’s a Barbie without the perfect strokes of wings paired with glitter? Wing your eyeliner with Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner with an easy-to-draw wing applicator. Drawing a wing would never seem this easy with this product. 

The Barbie Cheeks

It’s time to put some work into creating the Barbie cheeks. First things first, your cheeks must look blushy but clean.

Instead of a powder blush, we suggest going with Coloressence Roseate Lip and Cheek Tint. It can be the perfect Barbie product!

Highlight the cheekbones to get the toned finish.

Contour is Truly Important

Barbie is all about having that sculpted finish, and a bronzer would let you have that chiselled-looking jawline and nose bridge. Coloressence Ultra Contouring Palette has the perfect contour shades to enable you to contour like a Barbie.

With three rich shades, it is a whole package for effortless contouring. 

Glittery Lips

Barbie's lips are lustrous. Hail glitters and gloss!

Create the perfect Barbie lips with blushy pink lipstick from Cloressence, and top it up with glitters and gloss.

The Coloressence Xtreme Highlighter will impart all the glamorous glitters to your lips, and the Roseate Plumpkin will plump your Barbie-like lips!


How can you forget making Barbie nails? After all, a Barbie must have everything perfect!

Coloressence Party Pack Nail Paint Kit has the perfect Babie shades that will add the perfect touch of glam to your nails.

Final Words

While you are prepping for the Barbie look, do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. After all that work that you would put into creating the Barbie look, do not forget that the Barbie in the picture is not you! That is unrealistic! You are REAL.

Dress up to look pretty for you and not to match false beauty expectations set by others!

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