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Dreamy Eye Look that Makes You Stands Out in the Crowd!

Dreamy Eye Look that Makes You Stands Out in the Crowd!

One of the primary segments to enhance the entire makeup game is the eye look. And compromising with our queen’s eye look- Nahhh! It’s almost the meeting halfway thing. So, how do we connect the other side of the way? Well! To enhance the eye look, applying the products the right way counts too! So, this article is the perfect place for you to gather some eye-deep information.

Ready?- Travel along!!

Steps to Achieve the Sparkling Eye Look-

  • Start with the basics first

Don’t miss the beginning stair in the stairway and skipping just one prime step might spoil the whole chain. So, settle on a fine base that gives a clean finish to your further add-ons on the eyes. Be it eyeliner or eyeshadow- everything will look more accentuated when you have a perfect base. So, using a makeup base palette that has shades for all skin types is the best. Thus, we bring a worthy suggestion to you with Coloressence Makeup Base Palette which has multiple rich creamy shades for all skin types.

  • Shades that deliver long stay & high pigmentation

Now, the next is to select what kind of eyeshadow colors you wish to go with. If you have planned a peppy dinner date with your girls then- all the glitters are gold for sure. Whereas if it’s a subtle lunch date with your loved one- then some soothing colors for the bright day are the finest pick of the bunch. So, choosing Ultra Graphic Eyeshadows for that sparkling achieve or little calmness with XTREME Face Highlighter from Coloressence is the best to pick from.

  • Eyeliners or Colorful Eyeliners?

You might get confused about which eyeliner to go with. Perhaps the classic black color or adding a pop with colored ones? Catch-22 right? Not an issue- choose from highly pigmented & waterproof eyeliners that stay all day long. We recommend that Coloressence Shimmer Gel Eyeliners or Roseate Fab Tint Eyeliners have to be your eyelid’s best friend.

  • Mascara to Complete the look!-

What’s even more required for our darlings' eye look other than mascara to slay the appearance? But, again having the right one matters- as a quickly-removable mascara can extremely ruin the day & of course your mood. And there ain't nobody to do that, right? So, here we have another suggestion for Coloressence Ultra Lash Pro Mascara that stays up to 12 hours, is highly pigmented, and delivers a 2x  intense matte lash appearance.

  • Eyebrows shouldn’t be missed

Just doing the eyelids & eye doesn’t incline to succeed in the absolute faultless eye look! Done with the brows? No, so how can you step out? But, wait we have another superstar- Get Set Brow Palette which has 3 crème shades that fill in super-easily and are settled with easy blending. Here you are all set to go!

To The Bottom Line-

Our lady desires a precise eye look and how can’t we miss to help her out! So, gorgeous sprinkle a little pinch of shade everywhere & anywhere you go- Coloressence Goodies have your back!

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