The Fuller Pout Regimen You Must Know!

Do you have lip liners in your makeup vanity, but all of them seem waste now? But, darling, you must take a dig in your vanity and find products that can create the majestic look, at least, what all have been trending. 

The fuller pout look is an obsession; we know you want that! While many have been seeking appointments with the dermatologist to get lip fillers, what makeup regimen should you opt to have a good pout?

When you use the makeup right, faking a filler seems all real!

Let's discover the secrets of plumped lips that look like you have just gotten them done by an expert. And, then, you can flaunt it as your natural lips.

Let's look at the right ways to prep, line, colour, highlight, and pick the best beauty shades to give it the perfect touch of volume illusion. 

It is time to elevate the beauty tips to achieve the plumpy-luscious (plumpy + luscious) look and get your lips to go with the trend.

Let's check the regimen and products you need!

Prep the Lips

For your lips to look good, you must first do good. You should not apply any color without prepping your lips. 

To prep, you must scrub the lips with a lip scrub or a softer toothbrush. Right after scrubbing, you will feel the plumpness on your lips. Next, apply lip balm to hydrate it. 

The canvas is all prepped!

Apply foundation or concealer

Apply a good foundation or concealer evenly on the lips to tone the lip pigmentation and create a smooth base.

We recommend Coloressence Hydrating Liquid Gold Concealer for a lightweight and smooth finish.

Line the Lips

This is an integral step to creating a fuller illusion. Take a lip liner pencil similar to your lipstick shade, line your lips slightly above the natural lining, and then fill the lips with the liner that will act as a base.

Try Coloressence Lip liner Pencil that smooths to glide and gives strokes of perfection. 

Add a highlighter

Now, take the highlighter and apply it easily on your lips. This will give your lips an illusion of volume and make them look denser and fuller.

Apply highlighter in the cupid bow centre and the middle of the lower lips.

Try Coloressence Xtreme Face Highlighter and unveil the golden magic.

Finally, pick your lipstick

It's time to pick the hero product, the lipstick. Take a shade you want to apply and ensure it is light and bright. Fill your lips with the color evenly and blend.

You can choose a matte lipstick or a gloss too to add plumpness. The choice is with you.

Dig through the extensive range of Coloressence Lipsticks and find your best pick in the matter and creamy lip color range. 

Top it up with gloss

Finally, pick a gloss and apply it on the middle of the upper and lower lips. The gloss gives a 3D-like finish making the lips look plump and full.

The pro tip here is to apply gloss only on the middle of the upper and lower lips and then spread it from there. Avoid applying close to the lip line.

Try Coloressence Roseate Plumpkin that is specialized to give your lips the ultimate plumpness.


Try this routine and let us know if it helped you achieve the dreamy fuller lips that have captivated your attention for so long!

But do follow every step, from pepping to coloring! You will see the effect once you complete the routine.