Shape The Look, Shape The Brows!

What if we could suggest something that can make you look fresh and attractive within 5 minutes? Doesn’t it sound like one of those effortless makeup hacks? Indeed, it is! Stay on, we’ll reveal the trick!

Many of the style and makeup trends today are 90’s inspired by, but what’s the one thing that nobody wants to get back to? It’s the dense and fuller-looking brow trend! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Look at the image below!

Brows are the most revolutionary trend in the make-up and cosmetics industry, and it seems like there’s no looking back from this. 

There are people whose genetics are too good resulting in dense and heavier-looking brows, but, if you have naturally thin brows, it’s no genius science to build and shape dense-looking eyebrows with the help of cosmetics. All you need is a good product and some basic skills! So, would you want to know more? Let’s go!

Do you know about microblading? 

It’s a painful process of shaping the brows with needles and pigment implementing shorter strokes that resemble hair. What goes into the process is the blade formed of tiny needles. But, is it necessary? 

Absolutely not! While it’s a choice to go for a painful process, you always have the option to go the other way. So, what’s the other way? Fill your brows with a brow-filling product and tool. 

There are multiple products available in the market using which you can create the most perfect-looking brows. Here’s when you need to check out two different brow products from Coloressence.

For the multi-functioning eyebrow solution pencil, check out Coloressence's 3-in-one eyebrow styler that comes with a tip, a middle smudger, and a spoolie-in-one pencil. The all-in-one styler comes with features like a 12-hour stay, matte finish, non-transfer, and humidity and sweat resistance. It is easy to carry in your purse and style your brows whenever, wherever.

If you love eyebrow palettes, go check out Coloressence Get set Brow Eyebrow Palette with two shades (black and brown), and highlighter. The shades are extremely blendable and creamy ready to apply without requiring any wax mixing for a hassle-free experience. A dual-sided application brush comes complimentary with a spoolie at one side to help with a 360-degree brow makeover.

So, What’s The Better Option?

Well, beauty is a personal choice and everything when done on one’s own will stand good. However, you needn’t fall prey to the pressure to do things a certain way because the rest of the world is doing so!

Whether you want to go for microblading or just want to pick a good brow product, beauty and ways to beauty are all about choices and individual decisions. 

Make-Up is Not Just About Looks, It’s About Confidence!

Makeup for women is therapy! Pick up a good brow product (like Coloressence brow kit😉), and go rock the floor. Whether it’s setting out for the office, brunch, party, or a date, the trick works everywhere.

Doesn’t matter if you have thin eyebrows or dense ones, it is important you accept them with grace. And to enhance the look of your natural eyebrows, go ahead, pick the product, and style as per the shape (it’s that simple)!

But, What are the Different Kinds of Brow Shapes?

Ideally, brows typically have five different shapes namely:

  • Straight
  • Soft-Angled Arch
  • Hard-Angled Arch
  • Rounded
  • S-shaped

Look at the picture below and identify which is the closest shape to your brows.

Give Your Brows The Shape Of Your Confidence

No matter which trait of the trend the world perceives as ‘right or good’, follow what suits your interest level. Embrace the natural shape of your brows and define it with the right product. 

Surf through the products we have at Coloressence and if it appeals to you, add it to your cart!