Nail Paint and Nail Lacquers: The Difference You Probably Don’t Know!

What spellbounds you the most? Multiple scintillating encounterings during the day, getting proposals and all those mesmerizing distractions?

Nails are probably the chief inculpate for spell-binding distractions happening throughout the day! 

Ahhh...what nail art? Got them done at weekends? Which place, what art, and what accessories? Such questions are enthralling and less disturbing than others during the day. But is it fine to reach out to the nail extension artist for frequent changes in nail artistry? Why take the pain when the pizzas of nail paint and lacquers can get you those enchanting nails? 

The History of Nail Paints in Brief!

Did you know the tradition of nail colours hailed from China when the Zhou Dynasty elites, back in 3000BC, painted Gold and Silver on their nails to make themselves stand apart from the ordinary? In the meantime, red and black nails also became a part of the trend.

In the Middle Eastern region, people used to apply henna to the nails for pigment. But, the more exciting part is the transfer of the nail colouring trend to the West. The trade route from India to Europe enabled the nail polish trend, and now you know everything else is history.

No more deviations; let's return to nail paint and nail lacquers!

Nail Paint and Nail Lacquers: The Unsung Difference

Nail paints and nail lacquers are popular nail accessories used worldwide. However, there’s a difference between kinds of nail paints, differentiated as nail paints and nail lacquers.

Nail Paints

Nail paints help adorn nails with beautiful colours, pigments and art. Nail paints have a fragile consistency, and they are not very chip-resistant, layering the nail with a protective cover. It does not protect against yellowing or drying. Nail paints can have a matte as well as a glossy finish.

Nail Lacquers

The consistency of nail lacquers is thicker than nail polishes. You must call them slick if possible. They act as a protective layer on the nails, preventing them from drying and yellowing. They dry quickly and are a quick solution to make the nails look pretty when rushing for a destination. You need a minute, and it shall sit on your nails as a comforting, sluggish, and awesome coat.

The Whimsical Range of Coloressence Nail Paints and Nail Lacquers

Coloressence is here to enchant your nails with holy quotes of happy colors.

To make you feel groomed and fabulous, our range of nail pigments in a variety of colours will make you feel all ready to reach and rock!

The variety of shades in nail paints loaded with shimmers and pastel colors would fill your nail bag with hues for every occasion. Our exclusive range of nail paints includes:

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How to use Coloressence Nail Paints?

Grooming your nails is a two-step process with Coloressence Nail Kits:

Step 1: File your nails with the nail filer to make it look shape-alike. If preferred, you can cut your nails using a safe tool (nail cutter).

Step 2: Pick your favourite Nail Color and softly paint a single quote on your nails.

Step 3: If you feel like layering, go ahead for another quote and let it dry.

All set! Your nails now have the much-deserved glam. When well-groomed, the feeling and confidence are occult. Do you agree? Which range from the Coloressence nail kits would you rate the best?

Do write or let us know your comments! For now, we are signing off!