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Festive Season Special: Everything about the Multipurpose Lip and Cheek Tint!

Festive Season Special: Everything about the Multipurpose Lip and Cheek Tint!

The festive season is right around the corner, and the need to find the best makeup products has become even more important! What products do you need, what makeup accessory will make your makeup look more enhanced and what will go with the bright and ethnic look…we will cover them all.

We have curated an apt series of guides for the festive season and what will make you glow in the season of celebrations.

Here’s the first product that is a must-include in the festive kit. Follow along:

The Coloressence Lip and Cheek Tint: The multipurpose product for a natural finish!

Now that lip glosses are trending; we are sure you must have a shiny and natural look in mind to go about with the festive season. This product from Coloressence will make your life so easy! 

The product’s original name is ‘Roseate Tint Lush,’ and we have no precise definition of the product. The natural finish it gives to your cheeks and lips is beyond ‘Awesome.’

Infused with the goodness of rose oil, this product is your skin’s best friend. Available in two shades: Splendid Sunset and Sparkling Sunrise, the product’s texture is what you can die for! We swear you’ll love it.

How can you use the product?

Let’s find out how this multipurpose product works for multiple occasions:

#1. For a soft blush look when going out for brunch

Don’t want anything heavy on the skin when going out for a weekend brunch? No worries! This product will give you a naturally defined glow for the perfect day look!

#2. For a minimal vacation glow

Are you from a lot that does not like carrying heavy makeup during vacations? Ahh! This is the holy grail you ought to have in your travel bag! One swatch on the cheeks and a little on the lips while you sit on the beach, and here’s the perfect picture of you with naturally tinted lips and cheeks.

#3. For a minimal office look

When you like a quick hack for office glow-up, we give you this product! Carry a minimal office look with blush glow and tinted glossy lips to the office.

And, would you like to know what’s the best part about this product here? It would not get you late when you are already running late. 

#4. For the festive, day-look

The most important part is here! The festive look. If you have been thinking of ditching all dark shades and carrying a glow in this festive season…this is a must-have product in the bag.

Especially for day festivities like Raksha Bandhan, this will go perfectly with your bright outfit. What’s say?

What are the exclusive Product features?

When you are trying to understand the product without trying it, this part of the guide will help!

  • The product is moisturizing and has a lightweight texture
  • It is highly pigmented
  • The formula is non-sticky and results in a satin finish

When you want to know more, you would have to understand the product physically, and it will happen when you buy it!

Final Words

This Roseate Tint Lush by Coloressence is one of the best selling items and is loved by customers all across. When used as a blush, it looks like the best blush ever, and when used as a tint on the lips, it is the best gloss you can find.

Thus, with a multipurpose formula, it is commendable as to what it is used for. This one product is a must to include in the festive kit, and the support it will render will make you thank us later!

Happy shopping, lovelies!

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