Our Verdict on the ‘No Makeup Makeup Look!’

While everyone else has given their verdict on No Makeup Makeup Look, we are here to give Give It An Ultimate Punch!

Coloressence is obsessed with drama (you know if you know😏), the drama that creates buzz and an act that wins. Painting the eyes, popping the glittery eye look, and most importantly, letting the lips do the talking imagica-like boldness! That’s our way of concluding the game. 

But we finally decided to make a call for the no-makeup makeup look! We have decided to take the game of minimal products in minimal time in our hands.

What we think of the hype about the No Makeup Makeup look?

Though it isn’t our favourite character, we still like it! We love how it takes you to a different world. 

We were just going through some millennial photoshoots featuring the No Makeup Makeup look, and it transcends the fast-paced life! Especially for the Monsoon, we love it! You could play a movie in real life and live through the moments carrying the subtle glam. Don’t believe us? Take a sneak through the paragraph below!

The dense eyes with the perfection of minimal kohl and long lashes, blushy cheeks, glossy lips, and natural glow; the real skin with imperfections looking perfect with a bit of touch of product, that light Monsoon outfit and the loose hair! Did you feel it while reading? We felt it!

To us, the no makeup look is also a drama, a drama where you live through the little moments! The drama where flaws take the lead. We love it!

Coloressence approves the No Makeup Makeup Look for the Monsoon! Not just here, we have products that will help you achieve the look!

Create the No Makeup Makeup Looks With These Products!

Here we have the Monsoon combo that will enable you to achieve the ultimate glowy finish, and the subtle makeup looks perfect to live in old times and the rain!


The Coloressence Sparkle on BB Cream is perfect for giving you the flaw some base with a satin-like skin finish.


The Coloressence’ Lip and Cheek’ Tint is perfect for the blushy radiance of Monsoon glow-up!

Ultra Lash Pro Mascara

Voluminous mascara for the innocent eye look, yet pleasing! Coloressence Ultra Lash Pro Mascara is your Monsoon best friend. Only this can make your eyes sparkle!

Roseate Pumpkin for lustrous lips

Ditch matte shades this Monsoon and accept the glossy look. The Coloressence Roseate Plumpkin Lip Gloss, available in five shades, will give the most desirable finish to the No Makeup Makeup Look.

You can also pick the Coloressence’ lip and cheek tint’ is also an option to consider. 

Final words

We have given our verdict on the no-makeup makeup look, and it best goes with the Monsoon rains. 

To us, the no-makeup makeup look is perfect for the Monsoon season. Dress like the Monsoon diva, wear some makeup, do your hair, click some pictures, and let the days passing by make you feel your best! 

Coloressence likes this makeup concept for the Monsoon season and has the perfect kit. 

See you soon with something more interesting and exciting!