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The Pizzazz of Chromatic Eyeliners for Goddess-looking Eyes

The Pizzazz of Chromatic Eyeliners for Goddess-looking Eyes

We have the most dramatic range of eyeliners to help you carve unique looks for every occasion. Wanna know more, stay hooked here!

Coloressence presents a versatile range of chromatic eye colors to enable you to meet intrinsic eye designs carried with smoothness.

Chromatic Eyeliners: Exciting Colors and Manageable Texture

The range of chromatic eyeliners by Coloressence is sticks of creamy and colored kohl that result in a softer and diffused eyeliner look. The multi-purpose products right adapt for your upper eyelid and the lower waterline.

The formula is easy to use and prodigious in creating smokey eyes. No sharp and hard lines give the fine smokey touch.

You can sharpen these pencils for an extended use life! Create the most effortless eye-look using the range of chromatic colors.

Five Shades and Infinite Looks

When you can paint color everywhere, why stick to one?

The chromatic eyeliner set has five exclusive shades to complement complexional eye looks. Choose the color that complements you the most: 

  • Crystal Blue
  • Play around with crystal blue. Create bold-looking vibrant eyes and wing them higher than everyone else's hopes.

  • Deep Brown
  • Close to black, but not close enough; keep your eyeliner a shade apart from ordinary.

  • Jade Green
  • Reminisce with a bolder shade and set your standards higher than ever.

  • Pearl White
  • Go the other way with pearl white eyeliner shade and let those eyes look bigger this time.

  • Rich Turquoise
  • The bolder shade of green is making a comeback in our collection to bring the diva back to play. 

    Four Looks You Can Create with Chromatic Liners

    The most interesting part of the blog here's an idea of the most irresistible looks to create. Take a look on them below:

    The smokey Wing

    This eyeliner look creates a jazzy smokey Wing look that is not so neat! Using any shade from the range of chromatic eyeliners, you can create a wing starting from the outer corner of your eyes and going all the way to the inner corner through the upper eyelid.

    You can smudge the liner to give it a final subtle smokey effect. 

    The Smokey Eye

    Chromatic liners from Coloressence will give you the effortless, glamorous, smokey eye of your dreams! 

    Take the deep turquoise or dark blue shade and line your upper eyelids and lower waterline. Smudge the product and, hahaha..., you have those perfect smokey eyes there.

    Even better, you can choose the colour from our range of chromatic colors!

    Just the top

    Apply eyeliner just on the upper lash line to give it the definition of your dreams. Do it on the top when you don't like the color getting smudged on your lower lash line. 

    Choose a color from the chromatic eyeliners and pair it well with Ultra Lash Mascara and glitter eyeshadows.

    Team Two-Toned

    Already winged the upper lash line with the liquid eyeliner? Add the surprise of another colour on the bottom lashes. This will create the perfect contrast with classic black eyeliner on top and another coloured kohl on your lower waterline.

    The Final Words

    Eyeliners of different shades have become a must-have in makeup pouches—especially something easy to go. Putting on the glam becomes much more accessible and on the go.

    Chromatic liners by Coloressence are now available at flat 25% off. Avail your chance and get the set for less. 

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