Surviving Monsoon Look with these Makeup Must-Haves!

Dripping in the downpours? Not, anymore! Here you have the monsoon makeup must-haves from Coloressence to add to your makeup bag quickly. Travel ahead to explore what’s added on the page. Because these makeup goodies ensure to not let rain get in the way.

Pack these Beauty Charms to Nail Your Look in Cool Drizzles!-

  • Pre-Makeup Base for Smooth Settle

Infused with Vitamin E, this pre-makeup base works flawlessly to create and prepare the skin well for makeup. It is a magical formula to blur the pores' appearance on the skin while also smoothening the skin texture. Also, ensures keeping it well-moisturized whilst delivering a perfect skin appearance for a long-hour makeup stay.

  • HD Foundation for a Spotless Appearance

Having a sweat-resistant & lightweight foundation is a thing when it actually comes to choosing a monsoon makeup goodie. The HD foundation by Coloressence gives uniform spreadability, and stays all day long, delivering an oil-proof matte finish. Certainly, the full-coverage formula ensures eliminating the cakiness of makeup thus forming a fine base layer on the skin. Therefore, it manages to settle smoothly on the skin without running off.

  • Ultra Lash Pro Mascara & Roseate Fab Tint Eyeliners for the Win

Are you finally able to get the perfect wing by matching the thickness of your eyeliner on both eyes? Do you want it to stay that way even when it's raining cats and dogs? Keep it watertight with the Roseate Fab Tint Eyeliners, which have an easy grip and dries swiftly, making it suitable for even inexperienced users. And the vibrant colors are a perfect match for those chilled drizzles.   

And how can you not finish your eye makeup with mascara? Don't worry, we've got a monsoon cosmetic product for that as well. The Ultra Lash Pro Mascara is completely waterproof. It's also smudge-proof and lightweight, so you won't have to worry about smudging your eyeshadow. It even includes a clever curling brush that works effortlessly.

  • Gliteratti Compact on the Go

One super compact makeup essential is the Gliteratti Compact that delivers a matte effect. Coloressence's Glitterati Compact Powder is a satin-pressed powder that is great for finishing off your cosmetic look. The compact includes a faux fur puff with microfibers designed to gather up exactly the appropriate amount of powder. The soft texture is designed to reduce sweat, making it appropriate for Indian conditions, and provides skin-like silky coverage. This is one of the most adaptable and soft compacts for creating fine & smooth appearances.

  • FX Misty Finish Makeup Fixer

The key to keeping makeup intact is the Makeup Fixer that ensures running or transferring of makeup in monsoon. Additionally, it is effective in managing sweat & oil form on the skin. As, it is incorporated with a sweat-proof, waterproof, non-sticky, and long-hour stay formula. So, step out without worrying about wearing off the makeup.

To The Bottom Line-

Monsoon is a season to enjoy but humidity is a definite factor to smudge your glam look! Not to worry Cuties because Coloressence item are to bag within a click. So, take a chill pill, perhaps a hot cup of coffee, and cope with the rainy weather effortlessly.