Decoding the On-Screen Minimalistic Bridal Avatar of Alia Bhatt from RARKPK

The song Kudmayi from Rocky or Rani ki Prem Katha has made everyone go woo over Alia Bhatt’s minimalistic bridal attire. And many of our brides-to-be soon would seek how she made it to look like a dreamy goddess. But-But-But, we have got you covered as we cracked and present to you the decoded visual treat of her minimalistic makeover.

Set, let’s get started!

Achieve the Alia Bhatt’s Bridal Look from RARKPK-

  1. Toner & Moisturizer

Your skin should be softly revived with a toner without losing its natural moisture. Toner won't aggravate or more than usually parched out delicate skin as a result. Additionally, toner gets the skin ready to absorb any additional skin treatments you might use as well as your post-cleansing moisturizer.

Moisturiser accomplishes two crucial tasks: It first evens out the skin's surface so that foundation or concealer can be applied more evenly, and it may even make makeup last longer. Second, moisturizing skin under makeup will make it appear less lifeless. Dry skin might look cakey if the foundation is applied to it.

  1. Primer

Using a primer before applying makeup helps to prepare your skin and creates an ideal inner base for cosmetics to stick to. In order to ensure that your eye makeup stays in place, you may also use it to prime your eyelids.

Primer products come in a variety of varieties, each with a unique texture and application. Your primer might be a serum that hydrates your face or a sunscreen that minimizes pores and evens out your skin tone. Pick a primer that makes your face smooth, hides pores, and feels slightly tacky after application. This tackiness makes it easier for your makeup to stick to it and makes it last longer.

  1. Foundation & Concealer

Foundation conceals flaws on the skin, giving it a smoother finish and a healthy glow. One with natural coverage will balance out your skin tone and improve your complexion. Some premium foundations contain ingredients that actively improve the underlying skin tone, improving your natural luminosity.    

Concealers are used to conceal blemishes, dark bags around the eyes, and skin discoloration. Furthermore, it corrects small wrinkles and dark spots, makes a smooth basis for eye makeup, and covers lip pigments.

  1. Escalate the Eye game

No makeup is complete without escalating the eye game. So, make sure to fill your brows, have nude eye makeup, wear subtle lashes, and not to forget underline the undereye area whilst intensifying the lashes with a mascara. There is no doubt that appropriate eye makeup can change the entire face's appearance to an extensive extent. And you can look wow from just a normal look.

  1. Blush & Lipstick for the little Glow

Not to miss the blush for sure! Adding a little shade with blush not only offers you a light flush of color. But at the same time balances the makeup until the previous steps. It improves the tone of products applied earlier.

Just like Alia did, applying matte lipstick cannot go wrong rather will define the entire appearance. So, choose your best pick of the bunch from long-staying matte lip colors that’ll give you the same look as that of Alia.

  • Set the Makeup Tight

 What if the makeup melts away? No, almost a nightmare or a mini heart attack! We can let you face this, so don’t miss setting the makeup tight. Thus, pick a desired compact powder and set spray to fix the makeup so that it doesn’t budge off easily and remains intact all day long.

To The Bottom Line-

Alia Bhatt like as always has made her look from her latest movie on rage for all brides-to-be. And, of course, wedding season is ahead so how can we miss decoding the natural and subtle look? Additionally, we recommend you visit for picking the right products.