Rose-infused Makeup Products: Your Skin’s New BFF

Summer is upon us, which means it's time to take a breather and smell the roses. A perfect time to indulge in the beautiful & romantic floral scent! While this is correct, it does not preclude you from integrating the aroma and benefits of roses into your lifestyle and beauty regimen; simply immerse in some of the finest rose-infused makeup products.

Several beauty brands have embarked on the rose oil fad in recent years, touting its natural anti-aging and anti-inflammatory qualities. Coloressence, a well-known color cosmetic brand in India, has just launched its all-new Rose Oil-infused makeup collection labeled "Coloressence Roseate," which includes a slew of luxuriously pigmented Long Stay Lipsticks, gorgeous transfer-proof Liquid Lip Colors, dramatic Tint Eyeliners, and an ultra-lightweight 2-in-1 Pro Sheen Chrome Pressed Powder.

Not an admirer of the scent of roses (we understand, not everyone does) but yet want that prized rosy look? Before diving right into the list, let us descry on a few benefits of Rose-infused beauty products.

What are the perks of using  Rose-infused beauty products?

Rose essential oil is normally derived via steam distillation, and the most common variety used in cosmetics is from the Damask rose, which is rich in antibacterial and anti-aging properties. 

Rosa centifolia, sometimes known as the cabbage rose, is another popular beauty cultivar. This variety is strong in vitamin C and tannins, providing toning and antioxidant properties that are ideal for avoiding aging signs.  Some other benefits of Rose essential oil include:

  • Rose has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe your skin and diminish redness. It works very well on oily and acne-prone skin.
  • Roses are also used as an anti-bacterial to clear away dirt and pollutants without robbing your skin of its hydration.
  • Roses are high in vitamins C and E, which assist to increase collagen production in the skin and keep it nourished.
  • Roses are high in sugars and natural oils, which assist to keep your skin moist, smooth, and velvety.
  • Rose, of course, has a wonderful aroma that improves your mood, lets you relax, and may even ease anxiety.

Now that you know why you should be using rose-infused beauty products, here are a few of our favorite rose-inspired products to try this month (and any time, for that matter).

  • Coloressence Roseate OMK Non-Transfer Liquid Lip Color
  • Perfect for that luscious pout, this fantastic non-transfer liquid lip color is richly pigmented and is your go-to for a refined yet exotic vibe. Whenever you want to look flawless without putting in any effort, just apply this one-coat-wonder lip color and you're ready to go. Its non-drying, ultra-matte creamy texture and light finish certainly say oh-so-sexy lips! Available in 6 awe-inspiring shades, this lip color boasts a dynamic color payoff, while the goodness of Rose Oil makes the lips incredibly fresh and scrumptious. 

    Check them out: Roseate OMK Non-Transfer Liquid Lip Color

  • Coloressence Roseate Long Stay Lipstick
  • We can't have enough of this lipstick, and we're sure you can't either.  It is a one-of-a-kind matte cream formula with an unbreakable texture for a long-lasting finish. This moisturizing lip color with Cocoa Butter and Rose Oil glides on easily and has a rich color pay-off that leaves your lips smoother and more swoon-worthy than ever. This incredibly pigmented lipstick delivers a fabulous matte finish with a no-transfer formula in just one stroke. Available in 6 ultra-flattering shades, this lipstick is all that is required to unleash the magic.

    Check them out: Roseate Long Stay Lipstick 

  • Coloressence Fab Tint Eyeliner
  • You can add a modern touch and a subtle pop to your eyes with this quirky yet classy eyeliner. A must-have for every eye makeup freak, these eyeliners come in 3 dazzling extremely pigmented matte finish shades that offer long-lasting wear, are smudge resistant, and are waterproof. With a single stroke, this bold, intense formula creates a smoldering effect. Not to mention the elegant felt-tip applicator, which offers tug-free strokes for tantalizing levels of precision that won't restrict your creativity.

    Check them out: Roseate Fab Tint Eyeliner

  • Coloressence Roseate Pro Sheen Chrome Pressed Powder
  • Want a pore-less finish on your face? Try this amazing chrome pressed powder which boasts a silky translucent formula that glides across the face, minimizing the visibility of pores and fine lines to alter the appearance of your skin's surface. This ultra-lightweight powder has a luminous shine and may be used as a compact powder as well as a highlighter. This richly hued highlighter blends seamlessly into the skin for a natural-looking sunkissed glow.  This fantastic formula features the pleasure of Rose Oil that helps to keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated by regulating the moisture levels. 

    Check it out: Roseate Pro Sheen Chrome Pressed Powder

    Don't wait up. Check out these incredible products and add them to your vanity cabinet right away!