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Makeup Tips And Tricks to Ace Your Everyday Office Look

Makeup Tips And Tricks to Ace Your Everyday Office Look

Prepping up to go to work is a difficult process. After those long shifts, endless meetings, and strict deadlines, you still need to look great, which is where makeup comes in. Makeup is your closest buddy at work since it perfectly conceals dark circles, stress lines, and dull skin. Besides, who doesn’t love some makeup tips & tricks to ace your everyday office look? Right?

The key to applying everyday makeup and achieving the perfect office look is to not wear it too much or too little. You must use caution here since too little or too much might spoil your appearance and make you seem flamboyant. But don't worry because we've got you handled. Here's how to easily thrive at your regular office makeup routine.

  • Primer is a must: A primer prepares the skin and has a substantial impact on how the rest of your makeup sits on the face. Use a primer to reduce the appearance of wide, open pores, provide a smooth canvas for your workplace makeup products to glide on effortlessly, and extend the life of your makeup. Try the pore-minimizing Coloressence Premium Primer Gel, which will complement your skin tone, hold your base effectively, and make your workplace makeup look fabulous.
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  • Build a Smooth Base: It is non-negotiable to have an even complexion for everyday office makeup. Employing foundation as part of your regular work makeup is a no-no. In a well-lit office situation, you need a lightweight product that won't seem cakey or artificial. Instead, use a BB cream, which hydrates your skin, protects it from UV radiation and evens out its tone. Because it provides the same function as a foundation without getting cakey or creeping into tiny wrinkles, this light coverage product is perfect for everyday usage. Try Coloressence Sparkle On BB Cream, which melts effortlessly into the skin and delivers an even skin tone.
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  • Conceal your Flaws: Concealer is your knight in shining armor. Right from it can mask almost any blemish on the skin. It can disguise anything from dark circles and blemishes to uneven skin tone and pores. So, if you detect a few flaws in your complexion after using your BB cream, simply dab some concealer on the areas that require covering and blend carefully. To get a flawless natural finish, apply concealer with your fingers. The reason for this is that the heat from your fingertips helps meld the concealer better and creates a seamless look. Coloressence Concealer Palette is your one-stop answer for an ultra-glam appeal, hiding flaws, blemishes, and dark circles.
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  • Lock up your Base: Using a powder, you may conceal pores and minimize shine. The Coloressence HD Loose Powder provides a natural-looking matte finish as well as smooth and faultless skin all day. This powder helps to reduce oil, shine, and sebum on your face for up to 8 hours and keeps your light workplace makeup in place.
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    Pro Tip: It is generally advised to use a translucent powder to set your base. 

    You may also apply a compact powder instantly after prepping your skin with primer to get a perfect base. Coloressence Perfect Tone Compact Powder features a unique soft textured powder that helps to regulate perspiration and provides flawless skin coverage.  It's fantastic for long-lasting makeup, and the micro-fine powder evens out skin tone for a subtle, natural effect.

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  • Blush it up: The versatility of the blusher should not be underestimated. Using a blush can give your skin a naturally flushed appearance while also making it seem fresh and healthy. To add a burst of color to your skin, use tones like peach or rose. These shades are appropriate for all Indian skin tones and will assist to elevate your workplace makeup on the run.

  • Now that we are done with prepping your face, let’s get ready to make those heads turn by defining our eyes!

  • Prep your Eyes: A quite uncommon but effective step is prepping your eyes.  A primer for your eyes is like a primer for your face, enhancing the texture of your skin, and allowing eye makeup to glide on smoothly and last longer. Coloressence Eye Primer is a one-coat wonder that is a must-have cosmetic in your makeup box. The waterproof finish is designed to stay all day long and prevent budging of your eye shadow. 
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  • Let your Eyes speak: Subtly highlight your eyes with eyeliner, but keep in mind that heavy black eyeliner and glittering eyeshadows are for a ladies' night out, not your workplace makeup regimen. If you want to use makeup, stick to light tones, perhaps browns, bronzes, or something similar. Try using Coloressence Brown Sugar Matte Eyeshadow Palette, which is a combination of tones of natural, nude, and brown shades to create the perfect natural look or even a glam look with the play of colors. To define your eyes, use Coloressence Ink Stylo Eye Liner Pen, which helps to create a bold yet minimal look. Make sure but keep the border narrow and sharp for real boss-woman vibes.
  • Shop Now: Brown Sugar Matte Eyeshadow Palette, Ink Stylo Eye Liner Pen

  • Dress your Lips: You may indeed know this, but nude lipsticks that accentuate your natural lip color are ideal for workplace makeup. Choosing the proper lipstick texture is also important; matte lipsticks may make your lips appear dry, whilst glossy lipsticks can give you a more casual appearance. Glossy lipsticks can also leak and spread color if it comes in proximity to your hair. Find a perfect ground with a creme lipstick that glides smoothly, doesn't bleed, and doesn't require too many touch-ups. If you find nude boring, choose subtle pinks and dress your lips. Coloressence Pure Matte Lipstick is an ultra-fine pigmented formula that promises to leave lips with a stunning feather-like feel.
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  • Fix it Up: Finally, end your makeup with a makeup fixing spray that lets you make your makeup stay fresh and long-lasting. Coloressence FX Misty Finish Makeup Fixer does the job for you. This sweat-proof, waterproof formula & non-sticky formula lets you lock your makeup in a single spray. 
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    And Viola! You are all set to slay your makeup. We know buying makeup is a daunting process. But fret not. Follow these simple makeup tips & tricks which will tie your office makeup together and make you ready to ace your face and look fresh and confident at work daily.

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