Holi 2022: This year play a skin-friendly Holi with these skincare tips

Splatters of colorful craziness loaded up with glee and treats, oh wait, did we leave something out? Is Holi still Holi if we don't play with Gulal? It is, after all, all about the colors! But not for your skin, please. You might be thinking, if not "on the skin," where? 

Don't fret, we're not going to tell you to remain indoors or not allow anybody to touch your face. Instead, we’ve compiled a few skin care tips for you so that, this year, you can play a skin-friendly Holi. Continue to read.

Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips

Alongside having a good time at the Holi party, it's also crucial to take care of your skin. So, before you go out to play Holi this year, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Seal your pores with ice cubes: Rubbing ice cubes for 10-15 minutes before applying anything on your face, will help seal the open pores. Before stepping out to play Holi, massage your face with ice cubes. This will tend to prevent colors from settling inside the pores, which might lead to flare-ups later on.
  • Apply some oils on your skin: Put some heavy moisturizing creams on your face before stepping out. This furnishes a cushion between the skin and the colors, dust, grime, and tan. You can also use coconut, olive, or castor oil to massage your face, neck, hands, and feet. This pre-tip will also aid you in the removal of these colors.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen: Holi is generally played outdoors and the constant exposure to sun, colors, and water, can take away the moisture from your skin and make you tanned. To avoid this, slather on some waterproof sunscreen all over your body and face, with at least SPF 30.
  • Paint up your nails: To prevent the color from settling beneath your nails and giving you living dead emotions, cover them with a thick coat of nail paint.
    • Put on some petroleum jelly on the ears, lips, & eyelids: Apply petroleum jelly instead of lipstick. This will protect and refresh your lips, ears, and eyelashes while you enjoy the occasion.
    • No matter what, stay hydrated: As Holi is an outdoor festival, your body tends to get dehydrated in the sun. Dehydrated skin is prone to becoming dry and sunburned. When this is paired with the colors, the skin might seem dry and soulless after Holi. So make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water to remove puffiness and dullness off your face. 

    • Wear fully covered clothes: While sun-tan products are beneficial, you can protect your skin from the brutality of colors and sunburns by covering yourself from head to toe in the first place. 

    Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

    Now that you have prepped up your skin, go on and enjoy this vibrant festival. After playing Holi, you must take care of your skin so that it can heal from any distress. Because you did pre-Holi skincare, it will be less than normal, but you still need to execute some post-Holi skin care routines. Here are some tips to contemplate.

    • Say no to face washes and soaps: Since post Holi, your skin tends to be very sensitive, using face washes or soaps loaded with harsh chemicals will further damage your face. Instead, opt for a natural cleanser that will not only clean your face but also soothe the damaged skin.

    • Avoid strong formulations: Toners containing alcohol and products containing artificial colors and scents will make your skin more sensitive. Also, refrain from using retinol and exfoliating serums until your skin is no longer sensitive.

    • Go natural: The ideal face masks and packs are natural! They not only soothe your skin but also assist restore its natural balance. Use yogurt and besan (gram flour) uptans or rose water, turmeric, and sandalwood uptans. These herbal remedies offer skin-healing properties.

    • Commit to Oil Cleansing: As much as extensive cleaning is necessary post-Holi, it is critical not to over-exfoliate the skin. To get rid of the color stains, avoid skin exfoliation because the skin is already sensitive at this time. Rather, adopt oil cleaners to get the job done. And then apply a moisturizer. If your skin is inflamed, use a calming face mist or serum to soothe it.

    • Take due care while Showering: Gently apply coconut oil all over your body before bathing. Because most colors are fat-soluble, use coconut oil to remove them from your skin. Then, before having a shower, wipe it clean with a dry towel. Avoid using hot water while showering. Use only cold or lukewarm water. Also, try using mild and gentle-on-the-skin products whether it's a face wash or a body wash.

    What are you clamoring for, now that you have literally the entire Holi skincare guide? Go on, play, and have some fun while you're at it! But prefer to stick to organic colors that are not harmful to your skin and are also safe for the environment. Wishing you all a very happy and safe Holi 2022!