Foundation hacks that will jack-up your makeup game

There's a reason foundation is titled foundation: it's the perfectly balanced basis on which we create our looks almost every day. Foundation is a cornerstone of any makeup look. You need a long-lasting foundation to amp up your game, whether it's a casual workplace look or a Red - carpet look.  

This jewel may appear to be easier to apply and parade, but most individuals (even professionals) make tiny blunders that spoil their entire makeup look. The key to getting a stunning appearance is to ensure that your foundation is faultless. For this reason, follow these few foundation hacks which will help you jack-up your game. 

1. Prep your skin 

Although there is no substitute for a no-makeup look, the technique of perfect, natural-looking makeup is derived from deeply moisturizing skincare. In reality, the more moisturized your skin, the less likely your Makeup will look cakey. Exfoliate, moisturize, and prime your skin. This trio line up will provide you with a smooth base and ensure that your makeup lasts all day.

2. Blend Facial Oil and Foundation for a dewy, refreshing look

Every makeup geek's desire is to have glossy skin, and this hack can help you get one step closer to that look. To get luminous skin, combine a few drops of your lightweight face oil with Coloressence Liquid Foundation. This method uses less foundation and allows your makeup to last all day.

3. Make sure to read the label before you employ the foundation into your makeup regime :

It may seem apparent, but always read the label before purchasing a new product, particularly a new foundation. Check first to see if the suitable skin types are stated. Moisturizing elements are excellent for dry skin but may not be effective for oily skin. Also, oil-free foundations for oily skin can oxidize with time, so ask for a swatch before purchasing.

4. Alter you look with 2 foundation shades : 

It is undeniable that your face will have a variety of colors. Your skin may tan in less than a minute in the sun. Your chin would be a lighter color than your forehead. For a natural look, you may need two distinct colors of long-lasting foundation in this situation. We recommend using Coloressence HD Foundation Stick, is a lightweight formula which gives you an even tone in a single swipe & is available in multiple shades to complement your skin tone.

5. Use a concealer after you've applied your foundation :

Because the full coverage foundation serves to cover the majority of trouble spots, concealer should only be used on areas that require more coverage. Because concealers are often heavier than foundations, layering both on your skin may result in a disguised and heavy effect.

6. Use a dampened foundation brush :

Try this foundation trick for a perfect and smooth base. Using your foundation brush, stipple the foundation with the setting spray. This will hold your makeup in place on your face and give you a retouched look.

7. Give a downward stroke with your stippling makeup brush :

The downward stroke brush method is used by many pros. When applying foundation, be sure to slide your brush downward so that it conceals rather than fills the pores. This concealer blurs visible pores while also reducing the appearance of facial hair.

8. Before you apply foundation, use a setting powder :

This unusual foundation hack is definitely worth a shot. Use a Translucent Powder all over your face before applying a liquid foundation to change up your makeup routine. This hack is ideal for oily skin since it absorbs all of the oil and leaves you with a matte finish. Powder should not be used all over the face if you have dry skin. Concentrate on the T-zone and other greasy regions of the face.

9. Work in natural light :

Applying your makeup in natural light is the final but most noteworthy foundation hack. This will reflect you if you need more foundation or not, as well as spare you from humiliation if your makeup looks radically different in bright sunlight.