Try using a BB Cream to nail any look at any time!

As summer unfolds and temperatures increase, it's time to discard your full-coverage foundation to escape appearing like a melting ice cream scoop all season. However, let's be honest: who wants to go from one slumber party and beach lunch to the next with their faces all dug up? We have a fantastic answer. Try using a BB cream for nailing any look at any time!

Not only is BB cream suitable for your skin, but it generally contains anti-aging components, including antioxidants, and blemish-fighting chemicals. There has long been a heated discussion among beauty fanatics over whether BB creams can truly replace traditional foundation. Well, you'll receive your response only after you've tried both of them and determined which one works best for you.

For this reason, we've compiled a list of reasons why you should begin using a BB cream.

Advantages of BB Cream

  • A Light Feel: Unlike a full-coverage foundation, a BB cream is light on your face & has a consistency that falls in between concealer and foundation. If you don't enjoy feeling heavy on your face, a BB cream might be an excellent choice for you. 
  • It's Ideal for That No-Makeup Look: If you're seeking for a beauty product that can give you a no-makeup look, a BB cream is a must-have. It's not too heavy or thick, and it lets your skin breathe even while you're wearing it all day. BB creams offer lightweight, long-lasting coverage.
  • If you crave a matte finish, this is perfect for you: Many of us despise the shine on our skin and seek cosmetics that will help us attain a matte finish. BB creams are intended to give you a matte finish and a uniform skin tone.
  • Don’t need no primer/moisturizer: Is it possible to use your BB cream as both a primer and a moisturizer? Yes! BB cream acts as a primer to even out your skin tone and then includes moisturizing components to keep your skin hydrated all day.
  • Ideal For Dry-Skinned Women: Foundation purposefully obstructs your pores, causing your skin to become dry on the inside. BB creams, on the other hand, are lighter on the skin and assist to protect it from drying out. These creams are also hydrating, which keeps your skin nourished throughout the day. This means that even if you wear it all day, you will not suffer any dryness on your face.
  • BB creams are an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a foundation with added advantages. However, there are a few disadvantages to consider before purchasing a product:

    Disadvantages of BB Cream

    • They can lighten the skin: Certain BB creams lighten the skin; therefore, customers should study the package to understand what the product does before buying it. When you use the wrong product, your skin might become pale and ashen. 
    • The SPF protection is woefully insufficient: The SPF coverage may be insufficient. Many claim that while BB creams provide SPF protection, they also offer a false sense of security. This implies that consumers who seek a BB cream's light, barely-there coverage are less likely to use enough of it to receive the SPF protection listed on the package. 
    • For dry skin, the moisturizing benefit may not be sufficient: Users with dry skin may believe that the moisturizing benefits of a BB cream would suitably hydrate their skin, however an extra moisturizer may be required.

    During these summer months, the risk of looking cakey is very high. Here is how you can change the makeup base to look easy, breezy, & awesome!

    How to use BB Cream instead of foundation?

    • Begin by washing your face. Following that, apply your skincare products. 
    • After using your regular skincare, use a primer, such as Coloressence Premium Primer Gel, to fade out your pores, fine wrinkles, and dark spots. Don't forget to get it all around your eyes. This is a critical step to take, regardless of the season.
    • Then, apply COLORESSENCE True Tone BB Cream all over your face. Using your fingers or a sponge, blend it thoroughly. If you use a brush, be vigilant since it may leave streaks on your face.
    • After using the BB cream, use a lightweight concealer, such as COLORESSENCE HD pan stick, to cover up any areas that need extra coverage. That should fit, and you're ready to go.
    • Last but not least, use setting powder to your entire face to keep your foundation makeup in place.

    Don't be shocked if this becomes your go-to during the warmer seasons! So, preserve the foundation for the colder seasons and relish the BB cream already!