Makeup Hacks & Tips to Not Miss this Festive Season!

Makeup Hacks

Yayyy! It’s time to celebrate…but celebrate what? Well, the festive season has knocked on your doors and it's time to celebrate the dynamism. And getting ready is without a doubt the super exciting part of it. So, not to roam around the tale we are here to help you out with some expedient makeup hacks and trips to escalate the entire look.

Go festive ready with Coloressence!

Quick Hacks to Rock the Festive Look 2023

  • Ace the Base

The festive look is incomplete without acing the prime step i.e., the base. Even if you use the expensive one, using it the right way matters. So, from haldi in the morning to cocktail party in the evening- your highlighter is the holy grail. Ideally, mixing a little highlighter (liquid) in the foundation will deliver an even shine and seamless base on the skin. Yes, don’t forget to do the skincare right because that’s a major commitment for keeping makeup intact.

  • Add intensity to the eyes

The selfie you're gonna post on your Instagram will look dull if the eyes aren’t finished gracefully. Indeed, make sure the eyes look intense and bold with nice strokes of highly pigmented eye makeup. So, create a dreamy eye look any way you like, and finish it off with mascara and neat kajal strokes.

  • Not to miss the blush

You might not blush naturally because there ain't anybody to flirt with you! Well, this will be a little offensive until you flush a little blush to accentuate the whole look. So, pick a nice crème or powder blush whatever suits you and make sure to draw attention to those appropriately colored cheeks.

  • Lip Sync

You are a pro at lip-syncing with the dance songs the DJ would play anonymously. But, your lip should sync with the face makeup you just did with hours of investing the effort. So, if you’ve curated a loud-eye look then go with subtle nude lipshades and vice versa.

To The Bottom Line-

The festive is lurking around and you shouldn’t miss out on appearing as the best one. It’s all glitz and glam when it comes to the festive season so why should our queens be left behind?