Spilling Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses

getting influenced

Let’s all commit, we can’t resist getting influenced by the B’town actresses. Whether it’s their makeup look or no makeup look, all they appear is gorgeous all the time. From Rekha to Madhuri and now Deepika, Bolly divas are absolutely evergreen when it comes to their beauty facade.

But-but-but, the team at Coloressence has cracked it and now spilling the beans here. So, grab the beauty secrets of Bollywood actresses with CE.

Top Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses-

Well, the numerous interviewers and shows have made it easier for us to make out what is working so fine for our celebs. And of course, a little we sneaked inside the best celebrity makeup artists' hacks they prefer for their favorite celebs. So, note these and implement the next you’re wearing makeup-


Be aware of your skin type

Makeup will last longer and your skin will look healthier with the proper skin care and hydration (especially under the eyes).

Choose a product and shade that are appropriate for your skin tone.

Before using, wet your beauty blender. To evenly distribute the corrector across the skin, a damp sponge works best.

Check the inside of your wrist to find out what color your skin is. You can choose the appropriate corrector by matching it to the color of your veins. Blue veins point to cool tones (fair complexion), green veins signal to warm undertones (darker skin), and a combination of blue and green veins points to neutral tones.

Apply two pumps of foundation to your hand before making three lines from the bottom up using your fingertips. Draw three lines from the bottom of the face to the area under the eyes. Blend using a brush. Don't forget to brush across the forehead and in the area around the nose.

Blend it well even if you think it’s done- you still might not be done.

The best step that is absolutely mandatory to commit for the skin is setting with a translucent/compact powder to avoid cracking/creasing. Make sure to dab and blend all together under eye, above lips, and on parts of the face that witness major movements.


When starting for eyes, it is essential to the shape of the eyes. Now, inserting too much product will not look nice entirely when the makeup is done. However, elongating the exteriors and using the lids fully appears to be nice.

Never ever put darker shades on the inside part of the eyelid, rather prefer it for the outer side.

Prefer gel liner over crayon or sketch eyeliners as it stay well. Additionally, sits on the eyelid effortlessly.


Make sure to apply a nice hydrating lip balm at the start of makeup to moisturize the lips. Doing so helps to evenly apply lipstick and avoid crackiness. And then the process is lip liner- one stroke of lipstick- a little powder dab- another stroke of lipstick. You’re done!

To The Bottom Line-

Every one of us wants it so eagerly to look absolutely gorgeous like our favorite Bollywood celebs. But, your team at CE has got you covered with the beauty tips from celebrity makeup as mentioned above. Go gurll- slay the look!