Biggest Makeup Mistakes That Are Causing Your Makeup Look Untidy!

Biggest Makeup Mistake

Even the most expensive & high-end makeup products are failing to give you that flawless look. Certainly, you are committing the biggest makeup mistakes that are causing your makeup to look untidy. Perhaps, the loophole is in the second step i.e., application and usage techniques.

So, how are we escaping the escapes? The team at CE has got you covered with some commonly done makeup mistakes that you should avoid doing. Have a note of these-

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid-

You might land up in a bummer while searching for how to apply makeup correctly. Because, the more you apply makeup, the more you learn to avoid mistakes the next time.


No doubt, the foundation is the base of any makeup type but it simply cannot hide pores, redness, and skin imperfections. This is why primer and moisturizer application are mandates for any makeup to last long and look flawless. Both primer & moisturizer have their own roles in balancing out skin while also making the base blend and sit seamlessly.


Your face will look all garish and gaudy when you apply too much blush. Most prominently, it should be blended well on the apple of the cheeks or a little lower down the cheekbones. Choose a blush that complements your skin tone, and depending on the shape of your face, delicately sweep the powder down your cheekbones or the apple of your cheeks. To achieve the ideal rosy skin look, don't forget to lightly touch your chin and nasal bridge.


This is perhaps one of the worst cosmetic errors, right up there with frantically pumping the wand of your mascara bottle. Too much mascara on your eyelashes can give them a spidery appearance, which is not ideal. It is not attractive to have lashes that are rigid and thick and are separated by wide spaces. Invest in a good mascara that has a curling wand, and only use one coat on your lashes.


One of the prime ways how to correct makeup mistakes is to shift the timing of applying lipstick at first. Certainly, wearing lipstick is absolutely similar to painting a canvas. Thus, leave it for the last so that the colors come out the desired way. Perhaps, applying it at the initial stage ruins the color scheme of makeup and might also confuse you with what color should be applied. Also, make sure to prepare with lip balm first so that the lips don’t look cracked and dry.

To The Bottom Line-

Make sure your rituals are healthy and age-appropriate, and leave you feeling lovely if you want a polished, glowing appearance. Listen as makeup artists discuss the common faults they encounter and how to correct them on our social media extensions.