3 Signs You Are Culminating a Positive Approach to Beauty!

What is the purpose of beauty? To look good to others or to make others feel spellbound about the way you look! It's got nothing to do with what others have on the board for you. Anything and Everything about beauty is collated to you, and only you!

And, darling, when you understand this simple fact, you wouldn't care about the skin tone or the bumps on your face; you feel extremely important to hide with foundations and concealers.

Let's amplify this a little better so that we lay the foundation for setting a standard beauty standard where we have space to admire and absolutely no place for disgraceful comments!

Here are 3 signs that indicate your positive approach to beauty!

You No Longer Mind Going Out With Only Lipsticks On!

As women, most of us face acne problems and other flaws that make up for insecure feelings. But it is the natural skin, and you need to accept it!

We've seen women putting heavy base makeup on active acne just because they are not confident enough to show it to the world. This lets the acne flare up and causes immense pain. But why are you torturing yourself, and for whom?

Makeup is to flaunt your imperfections, not hide what is natural to your skin.

So, if you have this concept clear and you don't mind or care about showing the world your real skin, good job, babe! We're proud of you.

You Don't Mind Putting a Bolder Shade Anytime, Anywhere

There are set beauty standards that have made people feel like there's no acceptance for all other beauty norms besides what's actually trending. 

But, when you can come out and not mind living up to these standards anymore, you must know that you have set your own standards that are higher than others. 

After all, what makeup looks for and wants to carry on a specific day is your call, not a norm!

You Appreciate People, Not Beauty Norms!

A winged liner is a stroke of confidence. Bold lips are Bold lips! Thus, it doesn't matter whether a fair-tone woman or a dusky tone woman carries the wing or the bold lips. 

We need to standardize norms and make them sound unbiased. This happens when we start appreciating people rather than certain beauty norms. 

Final Words

We have come a long way to dismantle biased beauty standards and make them fair. But there's still a long way ahead.

It's good to have assumptions, but judgements based on those assumptions are cryptic and bizarre. 

We take a step towards success each time we have more people who accept choices and stop making people feel bad about concerns that aren't under their control.

Let's together create a positive approach to beauty where there's freedom to choose and pick. While getting dressed and doing makeup is enthusiastic, let's not put pressure to strictly follow them. 

It's time we make the positive beauty standards stronger than ever!