Peek-A-Boo in Celebrity Makeup Bag Essentials!

How do they make their skin so flawless? Here we take a dig into the makeup bags of our favorite celebs. Are you also inquisitive as we are in finding out which cosmetics have established themselves in the bags of our favorite celebrities? Have you ever wished you could look inside their bags to see which beauty goods these famous people can't live without?

So, the crew at Coloressence got together to brainstorm a list of some of the cosmetics that these actors would undoubtedly pack. So, get the codes for these top makeup essentials that’ll deliver you the faultless celeb look.

What’s in the Makeup Bag of Celebrities?-

From Kareena Kapoor’s naturally flushed pink cheeks to the on-point highlighted cheekbones of Deepika Padukone- here’s how will you get the look!

  • Moisturizer is Must

If you think having oily skin gives you a pass when it comes to moisturizing, you're misunderstood then! The beauty experts have some tips from their experience working with a variety of skin types in recent years. Thus, a clever method is in place: simply flip the order of the setting spray in your lineup to ensure that makeup stays in place on oily skin throughout lengthy interviews and red-carpet events. Also, a fact found is using a setting spray before the base helps the foundation stay in place for a lot longer on oilier skin.

  • Sheer Makeup is No Makeup at All?

It can take years to master the delicate art of attempting a no-makeup makeup look, but keeping things light is essential. The makeover advisors of celebrities and of course they themselves at times have spilled some secrets. One of the key elements is to always be light on what you do! So, prepare the skin well, don’t put anything and everything, reduce layers, and use one product multiple ways.

  • Concealers for Help?

Every time a celebrity steps out, they have eyes that are all set. How’s that possible because even the makeup doesn’t look cakey. So, make sure you are always on time to apply your undereye creams, eat balanced food, sleep well, and be enough nutrition. In turn, applying absolutely little concealer will balance the appearance.

  • Right Wing for that fun Wink!

Getting the winged eye just right may be challenging on the best of days, whether you are a beginner trying to balance both wings or a master trying your hand at exaggerated shapes."One simple technique to employ with many celebrities is to maintain an open gaze while gazing directly into the mirror. To link the wings to the lash line, first, draw the angular wing on both sides, then close one eye, and then repeat on the other side.

  • Blush and Lipstick or One product for both?

The trend of wearing little to no makeup is growing and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. While we aren't all born with this naturally enduring brightness, makeup does help us create it. The current style is all about rosy cheeks, radiant skin, and pink lips. Your next beauty essential is going to be the lip and cheek stains.

To The Bottom Line-

Who says the Celebrity makeup glow is all about expensive skin treatments? There aint anyone to disturb the natural yet elegant celeb look of our pretty girl!