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Know Your Skin Tone & Undertone Before Buying a Foundation!

Know Your Skin Tone & Undertone Before Buying a Foundation!

We have finally cracked why you cannot have a flawless finish from the makeup foundation. Are you interested to know? You are!

We often describe our skin tone or complexion as dark, light, or wheatish. But it isn't as limited. There are so many other skin tones & undertones that you probably don't know.

This makes up for one of the biggest reasons you cannot get that finish from a foundation you are expecting. You are choosing a foundation shade that doesn't complement your skin tone and undertone. And when you want your foundation to give you a skin-like makeup finish, you must determine your skin tone & undertone.

What Are the Different Types of Indian Skin Tones?

If you think you know your skin color very well, you might need to go back and cross-check it all over again!

Indeed, skin tone is not so simple. And understanding your complexion is definitely not! Even when you are dusky, your shade can vary from someone who also calls herself dusky too.

Here are various varying Indian skin shades you must know:

  • Fair Skin Tone (Pale & light beige skin tone)
  • Wheatish Skin Tone (Not very fair nor very dark)
  • Olive Skin Tone (Warm yellow-green undertone)
  • Medium Skin Tone (light to medium brown color)
  • Dusky Skin Tone (Deep tan to rich brown shade)
  • Dark skin Tone (Deeper skin tone from brown to black)

We Know Skin Tone, But What is Undertone?

Do you know why your skin color is called complexion? It is because it is actually 'complex.' Let's try and understand this!

Undertone is not detrimental to the level of pigmentation on your skin. It is the color deep within your skin's surface.

Anyone with a darker complexion can also have a red undertone or a yellow undertone. Let's not confuse you anymore and help you to know what skin undertone you possess.

#1. Cool Undertone

Cool Undertone

Ask yourself these questions to know if you have a cool undertone.

  • Do you get burnt easily?
  • Does your skin have a pink tint?
  • Do the veins inside your wrist appear blue?
  • Is it that silver looks better than gold on you?

If most of the questions have a yes, it means you have a cool undertone!

Cool undertones have a base skin color of blue, red, or pink.

#2. Warm Undertone

Warm Undertone

Ask yourself these questions to know if you have a warm undertone.

  • Do you tan very easily? 
  • Does your skin reflect more on the olive & yellow side?
  • Do your veins on the insides of your wrists look green?
  • Does gold look better than silver on you?

If most of the questions have a yes, it means you have a warm undertone.

Warm undertones have a base skin color of yellow, and gold!

#3. Neutral Undertone

Neutral Undertone

Ask yourself these questions if you have a neutral undertone!

  • Does your skin look pink & yellow?
  • Do you tan & burn easily?
  • Do the veins in your wrist look green and also blue?
  • Does silver & gold jewellery look amazing on you?

The neutral undertone has a warm and cool hue, thus a bit of red and yellow both!

Final Words

Don't say that you still have trouble understanding your skin tone & undertone! We hope it's 'hopefully not.'! 

It is so important to know your skin before buying makeup. When you know it well, any makeup purchase will not go to waste. 

If you still have doubts, contact the team with your query, and we shall get back to you with an answer (Of Course)!


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