How Do You Find the Right Foundation Shade that Matches Your Skin Tone?

Do you pick up any foundation shade available for your skin tone? Don’t say you don’t even look at the shade and buy the foundation! It is too loud to hear.

If you have been doing any of the above while choosing a foundation shade, you are doing it all wrong! There is a certain way to choose a foundation for your specific skin tone & undertone.

If you are still unclear about your skin tone & undertone, read this article and find out yours! Once you have done that, you can read this guide about choosing the apt makeup foundation shade that complements your skin perfectly. After all, you want that flawless finish from the foundation that will look just like your skin but better.

To make it simple for you to understand, we have listed how you can pick the right foundation shade in one go! 

Let’s find out.

#Step 1: Find Your Own Skin Color & Start Looking for Products Within That Shade

The first step is to find your skin color and a shade that matches it. We have already told you to read, and we will say that again…read this guide on understanding your skin tone & then get back. Now go, what are you waiting for?

Moving ahead, start looking for shades in your skin tone and undertone. 

#Step 2: Take The Swatch Test

You must take the swatch test now that you know your skin shade. We have seen so many people doing the swatch test wrong. 

You must not take the swatch test on your hands, wrists, or anywhere else but your face and neck. So, how do you take the perfect foundation swatch test? Take some product on your fingertips and then apply it like a strip starting from your jawline towards your neck.

Try 4-5 matching shades and hold-on; don’t choose a shade instantly!

Let’s move to step number 3.

#Step 3: Let the Foundation Sit for Good 10 Minutes

Don’t make an immediate decision. Why are you in a hurry when finding the right foundation shade? Wait for some time and let it sit on your skin. Any cosmetic product takes some time to settle on the skin and give the ultimate finish.

You must have seen a compact looking extremely bright right after the application and then getting set in 5 minutes to give a skin-like finish. Similarly, makeup Foundations also take time to settle.

Give the product a good 10 minutes to settle. You can also figure out some foundations that lead to a greying effect on the skin.

#Step 4: Go Out in The Sun

The best way to test a foundation is to see it in the natural light. After you have let the foundation sit on your skin for 10 minutes, go out in the sun & see how your skin looks. 

When you like how your foundation looks on your skin in the natural sunlight, you know that you have picked the right product.

That’s it! The one shade & brand that has successfully been able to conquer all the phases of the test is your true match. We hope you find one soon!

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Hoping for you to find your best match (Foundation, Of course)!