A Beginner’s Guide to Perfect Kajal Application

Kajal or kohl pencil is an integral aspect of every eye makeup regimen and a must-have item in your makeup. While there are several ways to enhance your eyes nowadays, learning the perfect kajal application can instantly make your eyes seem very dramatic and enticing. In this article, we'll go over some kohl pencil tips and techniques. 

Applying kajal may often seem distressing at first, but it is far easier than applying eyeliner. A kohl pencil may be used to create a simple stroke or bold smoky eyes. Once you've acquired the proper technique, you'll be capable of creating a variety of eye looks in no time. Once you've acquired the proper technique, you'll be able to create a variety of eye looks in no time. So, if you want gorgeous kohl-rimmed eyes, continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply kajal.

How to Pick out the best Kajal?

The first and most important step is to pick a kajal that is appropriate for your needs and tastes. There are various facets that might assist you in making your decision:

  • You may pick between retractable and sharpenable kajal, as well as different textures and hues. There are simply zillions of alternatives available.
  • Avoid using pencils that include glitter or shimmer, since these aspects can be hazardous to your eyes.
  • Choose a more natural or organic kajal if your eyes are sensitive.
  • Also, because your eyes are very susceptible to infections, invest in a high-quality product with additional nourishing elements.
  • You may also go with a lighter color, such as brown/dark brown. These colors may make your eyes appear much larger.

To make your work easier, we recommend Coloressence HD Kohl Pencil, a waterproof, smudge-proof formula that delivers a deep black color that lasts all day.

Prep Your Eyes

We can't emphasize enough how important it is to prepare your eyes before applying any makeup. Ascertain that you have washed and eliminated any traces of oil or grime. Dab some concealer or foundation beneath the eyes to mask dark circles. Don't forget to apply a primer or foundation to your eyelids. 

This will protect your kajal from smudging and will help your eye makeup remain longer. If you are on the lookout for a good eye primer, we suggest using Coloressence Eye Primer a must-have product in your makeup bag. This one-coat marvel has a  waterproof finish & is intended to last all day and prevent your eye makeup from smudging.

How to Apply Kajal Perfectly?

Things that you need:

  • A Kohl Pencil
  • A Smudging Brush
  • An Eye Primer
  • A Mascara/Eyeshadow (optional)

A Step-by-step Guide to Apply Kajal

Although there are several ways to accomplish this, we've put up a simple step-by-step procedure to help you get gorgeous eyes in under five minutes.

  • Glide your Kajal 
  • Begin by applying kajal to your lower waterline to draw attention to it. Proceed by applying a deeper color to the outside edges. If you have small eyes, avoid using kajal in the inner corners as this can make them look even smaller.

  • Layer it up
  • Layering is the key to long-lasting makeup, ladies. Begin lining your eyes from the outside corner and work your way into the inner corner with a pointed kajal pencil. In this manner, you won't have any extra product stashed in the inner corners. Apply ample applications as needed to get the desired level of definition for your eyes. For smaller eyes, concentrate on the outer corners. It immediately opens up your eyes and makes them appear larger.

  • Smudge it up
  • Use a smudging brush to softly smudge the kajal and smoke it out if you're going for a subtle smokey-eye for that extra touch of subtle flair. Layer as desired, and smudge away each layer gradually. Based on the occasion, you may build a more complex style or something that you can wear on a regular basis!

  • Tighten up the Top Waterline
  • To highlight your eyes even more, line the top waterline with a kajal pencil rather than a liquid liner. Don't forget to coat the base of your lashes with mascara as well. This approach will quickly make your eyelashes appear fuller and will assist to draw attention to your eyes.

  • Intensify your upper lid
  • Concentrate on your upper eyelid by defining it with kajal to your liking. Begin by shutting your eye and drawing a smooth line from the outside to the inside corner. For a better application, use small strokes and gradually increase the thickness to your liking. This will give you a bold appearance. Without mascara, your makeup is incomplete. To make your eyes seem brighter and more young, use an eyelash curler and a layer of waterproof mascara.

  • And Viola!
  • Don't forget to include your brows in the mix. Fill them in lightly with the appropriate shade of brow pomade/powder to give your face a more sculpted appearance. For formal events such as weddings, soirees, or parties, you may step up your game by wearing artificial lashes or experimenting with different colors of eye pencils for a unique appearance. This will undoubtedly bring a whole new level of oomph and beauty to those eyes!

    Precautions to be taken while applying kajal

    Because your eyes are delicate and worn down easily, please take a few measures before applying anything to them.

    • Would you lend your toothbrush to a friend? Isn't really that correct? Under no conditions should you share your kajal or eyeliner.  Germs can easily be spread during the process, and you could end up with an eye infection.
    • If you use contact lenses, indulge in a kajal pencil that is smudge-proof to prevent getting any of the product on your lenses.
    • To avoid lasting damage or becoming blind, avoid doing your eye makeup or pulling out your kajal pencil for a fast fix while driving.
    • If you have an eye inflammation or infection, avoid using kajal or other eye products.
    • To avert infections, do not use products that have expired or are nearing their expiration dates.
    • Always wipe your eye makeup before going to bed, either with an eye makeup remover or with coconut oil.