Do You Know How to Select the Right Foundation Shade?

What landed you to read this guide? Are you also included in the list of women who juggle using the Foundation righteously? And no matter what top-notch product you pick, you end up making a mess out of it. Is that right?

You see other women wearing the Foundation like their own skin, and when you try to do it, it’s all haphazard! Don’t worry, babe, we got you. 

Why don’t you make us your makeup bffs, and we’ll tell you how to master the art of makeup and to become the artist yourself!

Makeup is an art, but not an art you cannot learn and master. You just need to know a few things that you don’t know already about using the Foundation and then implement the knowledge. And when you have grasped the correct technique, you will wear that same Foundation flawlessly every day.

What Does a Wrong Foundation Shade & Application Result In?

Different women deal with different problems in the context of using Foundation on the face. The cause for all these problems could vary! However, you can combat all the challenges with a solid understanding of how to buy the right Foundation and apply it in a way that results in a flawless finish!

Cakey Base

The most common problem with foundation application is the cakey texture, which looks bizarre. It gives an unnatural finish and makes you feel bad about your skin. Don’t worry; we feel you!

When you try to expect a full coverage effect from a sheer coverage foundation and apply too much product, it results in a cakey texture! Babe, expectations always lead to disappointment. Do not hold it! Instead, buy a product that lives up to your expectations. And less is more when you are considering a flawless finish.

Your Foundation Turning Grey

You wear your Foundation and then watch it turn grey in 10 minutes! Yes, we feel your frustration.

There could be multiple reasons why your Foundation turns grey, which include wearing a mismatched tone, not preparing the base with primer, or using a low-quality product. 

Your Foundation oxidizes and results in a grey base. But there’s a quick fix to this problem. You must pick a good quality product, the right shade, and prep the base right.

The Skin Looks Too White 

Okay! You have picked up a lighter shade.

See, you need to understand that the purpose of using the Foundation is to even tone your complexion, resulting in a brighter appearance. Thus, you must pick a shade that complements your skin tone and undertone well.

Using a lighter foundation shade can make your skin look unnaturally white! We’re sure you don’t want that!

We Want You to Hear This Out!

You know what? All the problems can be tackled when you pick the right product and use it in the right way! The very first step is choosing the right foundation shade. 

Makeup is about complimenting your own skin! We want you to do that. For now, we know it’s been too much reading. But we are sure that you know the problems, which will make finding answers easy!

Let’s meet you in another blog where we will talk about how you can know your own skin tone and undertone!

Till then, ladies, keep shopping makeup; after all, it’s therapy!

See ya!