Say Goodbye to Dry & Caky Makeup this Winter!

While winters are cozy and comforting, this might not be the same case with your makeup. So, here are the ways to say goodbye to dry and caky makeup this winter.

So, now that winter is harsh, you know the drill, girls! Grasp these informative instructs to gather some quick tips and tricks.

Ready to ace the base and extremes of your makeup with us! Don’t lose the hook and read till the end.

  • Moisturize but at the Right Time

You'd be wondering why again! Everybody knows moisturization but this is done before you begin applying makeup. Yes, it is vital to apply a sufficient amount of moisture immediately after cleansing your skin. Wait a few minutes for the moisturizer to soak into the skin and seal in the hydration. Unfortunately, if you have dry skin then keeping it moisturized well even in the night skincare regimen is essential. A well-hydrated and supple skin enables makeup to sit well.

  • Make Liquid Foundations Your BestFriend

When wearing makeup in the cold, I prefer to avoid powdered items. Why? It will not soak into the skin and will leave a cakey appearance. Choose a liquid cream foundation or replace the foundation with a BB or CC cream for a better look and coverage. Don't be afraid to try out different moisturizers and foundations!

  • Go for Nudes Rather Than Hues

This subject will come up frequently when seeking Winter makeup suggestions for Indian skin. Keep your makeup neutral in the winter instead of going rainbow. As an eyeshadow, I enjoy the mix of copper and bronze. It complements the day-to-night appearance and is especially festive!

  • Primer for the Right Base

Using a bright primer instead of a regular matte primer is always a good idea in the winter. The subtle shimmer mixing in the primer will help give your skin that amazing glowing-from-within effect. Further, it adds an additional layer of moisture.

  • Illuminators Should Also Be Liquid

Apply a liquid highlighter with a damp Beautyblender sponge for the most natural result. a warm nude tint that's glow-boosting without the possible dryness of a powder highlighter.

To The Bottom Line-

Those of us who don't want to jet off to a tropical vacation for a winter glow have the delightful duty of modifying makeup to compensate for the dry, cold, sharp air and painful, even more drying inside heating. So, try out these makeup tips in winter in India to rule the chills!