Determining the best makeup tricks for different lip shapes is an important step since it can make or break your overall appearance. Lip makeup draws attention to the lips and may transform your appearance from drab to fantastic on its own.

Lips, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes, necessitating the use of different types of makeup. Some people have thin lips, while others have thick, luscious lips. Making small lips appear bigger and more defined might be difficult. That is why we have compiled a list of insider tricks to assist you in simply mastering your lip makeup.

Your lip shape will never be an issue if you know how to use the potential of makeup. Scroll down to see some intriguing tips and tricks!

  • Heavy Top Lips:
  • The majority of Indian women have thick upper lips. Top-heavy lips may be merely made even and attractive with impactful makeup tips and tricks.

    • Begin by lining your lips from the center to the outside, mimicking the curve of your natural lips.
    • Then, apply a bright lipstick to the bottom of your lips and a little deeper tone of the brighter lipstick to the top to create the impression of a smaller space, giving the appearance of a smaller lip.
    • To find balance, symmetry, and a fuller look, apply the same lip color to the upper and lower lips and then apply a little white pencil or eyeshadow to the midst of the lower lip.
    • Another way to make big lips look smaller is to use a lip pencil to fill in your lips just within the natural line, then end with lipstick.
    • The most basic tip for building bigger and heavier lips to look smaller is to apply a dark-toned lip color, which reduces the emphasis on fuller lips.

  • Heavy Bottom Lips:
    Bottom heavy lips are actually quite lovely and appealing! However, some ladies try to conceal their pout! Here's how to improve the appearance of bottom-heavy lips:

    • The easiest tip for balancing out bottom-heavy lips is to use the same lip color on both the upper and lower lips, and then add a bit of white pencil or creamy nude matte eyeshadow exclusively to the center of the upper lip to create symmetry, uniformity, and a fuller effect.

  • Uneven Lips:
    Uneven lips occur when the shape and size of your top and bottom lips do not match. Here are a few pointers for dealing with uneven lips:

    • Individuals with uneven lips must use a lip pencil to define the top lip, making sure that both sides of the upper lip match up first, and then do the same for the lower lips.
    • Then, using a gentle touch, smudge the lip liner to remove any rough or harsh edges and create a natural finish.
    • Use this method with caution Lip liner must be applied with a gentle hand and blended thoroughly, otherwise, it will be unappealing.

  • Flat Lips:
    Flat lips lack dimension and depth and seem quite flat due to the lack of a strong contour. For individuals with flat lips, it is preferable to choose light and gentler lip colors since dark lip colors will make the lips look very flat and tiny.
    With this approach, flat lips may be given a nice shape:

    • Begin by tracing your lips slightly outside of your natural lip line.
    • Shimmery and frosty lip formulas offer a bigger and plumping impression to thinner and flatter lips.
    • Ombre lip effects are very flattering on thinner and flat lips.
    • To achieve a stunning ombre lip look, begin by filling the outside corners of your lips with dark lip color and the middle of your lips with a light or bright lip color.
    • If you're not ready to try ombre lips, apply the same lipstick color all over your lips, and then add a shimmering highlighter to the middle of your upper and lower lips to achieve a plumper lip appearance.

  • Thin Lips:
    Thin lips need a larger size and space. And we've got precisely the way to make your lips seem incredibly stunning: 

    • Begin by applying lip liner just beyond your natural lip line and smudging it softly.
    • Then, using a clean lip brush, apply deeper lip color to your lower lip and softer lip color to your top lip and blend everything together.

  • Overlarge lips:
    Oversized lips have the ability to dominate the entire face. To keep your lips looking smooth and even, pick softer lip colors with a rich matte consistency. Here's how to pull attention away from flabby lips:

    • Go for a nude lip.
    • To draw attention away from the excessively large lip size, use a thick smokey eye or an emphasized cheek area for face makeup.

  • Small Lips:
    Small lips are attractive to certain people, but most people prefer that luscious pout. To make little lips appear bigger, use the following tips:

    • You can choose lipstick formulations that are glittery, frosty, or glossy to give volume to your little lips.
    • Applying really dark lip tints will make your lips look thinner.
    • Pick brighter and softer lip colors to best showcase your lips.

    Lip makeup is undeniably difficult to master. Stand in front of the mirror and analyze your lips, then follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks.