Subtle and soft look is every women’s choice, but at times women often stay away from those nude shades because of their skin tone, they feel the lipcolor should add beauty to their look! Keeping this in mind about the Indian skin tones, Coloressence has always curated lipshades which suits every shade of beauty irrespective of their skin tone whether it’s bold red, corals and pinks. And wait a minute, did you know that we also have a varied range of nude lip shades in tonal browns, pinks and corals that too charged with super stay formula.

Nude Suede for Dusky Skin tone

The sophisticated and fresh for the modern working woman, Nude Suede is your shade to carry your beauty confidently from AM to PM. Nude Suede is one of our bestselling shades of Moisturising lipcolor infused with the semi matte finish to spill the glam all day without any touchups. Also, this shade gives you the natural feel which makes you look on point after you enter work and leave for home. One of the best buys, without burning pockets in just Rs.225/-

Lip Color
Caramel for Wheatish Skin Tone
Not too dark or light, this is what we suppose a woman with wheatish skin tone is looking for! The glossy caramel brown makes those lips look beautifully luscious. No matter for what purpose you are stepping out of your home, this shade has always got you covered and guess what any Indian skin tone can perfectly go with this, a must buy gloss for Rs.350 that gives lipcolor like glamour!

Lip Color

Coral for Light Skin Tone
The coral are forever beauties for every skin tone, best suits with the lighter skin tones! The perfect coral shade from High Pigment Matte Lip Pencil is every girl’s dream with that classic chic super matte finish that doesn’t fades for 8 hours for just Rs.450/-
High Pigment Matte Lip Pencil

We believe, the right shade can carry you through multiple ensembles and various venues to bring out the best in you, so choose Coloressence to show the true essence of your beauty!

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