Dark circles are no less than a nightmare when it comes to your beauty! Conceal the blemishes and patches under your eyes with few easy steps :

Step – 1
Prep your face by cleansing and Moisturising
Even splashing your face with cold water as a final step can help. This decreases blood flow in your face, and helps reduce puffiness, which can minimize the look of dark circles.
Applying the moisturiser will help the make-up to give an even finish to your face.

Step – 2
Use Premium Primer from our Gold range before applying foundation so that makeup stays for long.

Step – 3
Choose a foundation that matches your skin complexion and texture. If you have a cooler skin tone and you use a warmer shade of foundation, it will leave fine lines on your face when the product gets oxidised.

Step – 4
The concealer is always one shade lighter than your skin tone starting at the corner eye near nose, dab pea sized amount of concealer under your eye from the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
If you have blue, lighter dark circles use the lightest tone of the concealer
If you have brownish, darker circles, use orange or peach toned concealer
Use your finger or make-up brush to blend the concealer with your skin.

Step – 5
Load your puff with the HD Powder and gently press onto your under eyes. This will add a little more coverage to your dark circles and help your concealer last all day.

Bridal Kajal

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