FX Misty Finish Makeup Fixer

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Fix your final makeup look with a quick spray of the FX Makeup Fixer, to make the makeup stay for long hours and look fresh. The quick drying formula is safe and can be sprayed on the face from a distance. It also keeps the skin hydrated and gives it a matte finish. The FX Makeup Fixer is your perfect companion to put the flawless finishing touch to your makeup. 

  • ► QUICK DRYING : The formula dries within 5 seconds of spraying on the face and hence, is ideal for keeping your makeup intact.
  • ► LIGHTWEIGHT : It’s a water based, oil free, non-sticky formula and is very lightweight, so that it does not add any cakiness to your makeup.
  • ► ALL DAY HYDRATION : It keeps your skin hydrated and fresh all day long and also prevents the makeup from cracking or flaking.
  • ► MATTYFYING PROPERTIES : It gives a matte finish to your makeup and makes it look more natural.
  • ► ALL WEATHER FRIENDLY : The makeup fixer can be used in all types of weather and seasons, without worrying about the final result.
  • Ideally, after finishing your complete makeup, use the FX Makeup Fixing Spray. Close your eyes and hold the bottle around 20 cm away from your face and spray it allover. Do not spray directly into open eyes. Wait for a couple of seconds for it to dry and you are ready to go!
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