Another Exciting Venture: The House of Coloressence is geared up for a premium and 100% Ayurvedic baby care brand, Babiecorn!

The market has a rush of baby care brands, but how many are inspired by Indian Ayurveda? That is the biggest question that led to the foundation of Babiecorn, the Born Unicorn baby brand.

Having a solid background in ‘vocal for local’ products, Coloressence has been ruling the realm of personal care products in India and constantly trying to keep India independent of its own needs.

Shweta Nanda, one of the co-founders of Babiecorn has been the flag bearer of vocal for local development theme and has created premium cosmetic and haircare brands, Coloressence and Manestream. She is constantly trying to make India independent of its own needs while also putting a prime focus on Ayurveda. After many successful launches, this is her attempt to revolutionize the baby care industry with premium Indian products. "There is too much West in the market, and if we don't change it now, it might get too late," she says!

Pooja Sodhi, another founder of Babiecorn, precisely emphasizes the struggles of raising a baby and the need for products that can make the journey smoother. She is keen to take the baby care industry towards a softer, more comfortable, and premium range.

Both the co-founders are mothers, and that is what makes the brand ultra-special! They understand what is most prominently needed in the industry.

Babiecorn is here to bring something better to the baby care industry. A brand inspired by 100% Ayurvedic & No Nasties formulations! Before the brand launch, months have been vested in understanding, making, testing, changing, acquiring feedback, and implementing the suitable alterations on all Babiecorn products to make it one that not only sounds premium but also feels supreme!

"We have taken a lot of time in the product-making process because quality is an area we want to outstand just the way we have done for Coloressence and Manestream; it is going to be more advanced this time!" says Shweta Nanda.

The adequate manufacturing facilities of the Babiecorn products are ISO & GMP certified, with cutting-edge technology in place. The range of personal care products at Babiecorn is 100% ayurvedic, paraben & sulphate free with no harmful chemicals to make it safe for babies of any age. The brand is also marketing premium quality diapers, wet wipes, and baby accessories to provide a wholesome repertoire of need-based products for the baby.

Babiecorn is here to transform the way the Baby Care industry looks and bring a revised concept that is stronger, better, effective, and obviously a proudly Made in India product.

"We encourage Indians to proudly buy premium Made in India products for their babies that reflect India's strong history in Ayurvedic premiums and care," quotes Shweta Nanda.

We are already excited to witness how it rolls the market and puts it upside down!