Top 7 Essentials Every Woman Needs in her Makeup Drawer


Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to your face

The dictum is widely believed and shared by the millennials who want to look good and want to feel good as well. The fact of the matter is that you feel good when you look good. Makeup is the key ingredient in our arsenal to make us look and feel like a million bucks! The right mix of products in your vanity will make sure that you are armed to face and win the world! However, there is the perennial question of what are the essentials we need in our makeup collection? That, of course, is exactly the point of this blog, where we at Coloressence, will demystify the basics and help you build up your slay wear, to the max, so that your look is always #ONFLEEK!

  1. HD Foundation with SPF

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The basis of every successful look is the foundation. Coloressence HD Foundation with SPF enables you to give your face that smooth texture that you desire, and helps you build a great base from which to build your look on. All you need is the bottle in your bag with a beauty blender or a foundation makeup brush and voila, you will be shining in an instant! What’s more? It contains SPF-20 which protects your face from harsh UV rays and prolongs the effectiveness of your makeup, helping you carry the look on much, much longer. With the fluid texture, this will provide your face with a satin-like waterproof finish which is perfect for the monsoon season as well. You will literally thank us for this one!

  1. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

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An eyeliner to makeup is what diamonds are to jewelry, they add the statement to the whole look and make your eyes speak volumes. A gel eyeliner offers precision and ease of application while giving your eyes the dramatic look they so deserve. It takes a few minutes to go from dull to bright with this product ~ create the perfect winged eye, cat eye or simply add dimension to your look by lining your eyes. This gel eyeliner is waterproof, long-lasting, and smudge-proof, and can stay on for a whole day. So, ladies, the Coloressence Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is a definite must-have in your makeup drawer!

  1. Intense Liquid Lip Color

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For lips that pop, and a plot that never quits, our intense liquid lipstick is probably the one essential that can never be overrated! Choosing the right shade, for your skin tone is something we will cover in great detail somewhere along the line, but a few basic shades, in a few different textures are a definite no-brainer to include in your makeup drawer. A stark red and a nude brown are the go-to colors for any quick touch-up. Check out our Siren Red and Cocoa Love colors – do not forget to add these in your makeup drawer or your makeup bag for that matter!

  1. Shimmer Brick Highlighter

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In order to add that coveted rosy hue to your cheeks for a look for those special occasions, a must-have in your makeup kit is a blusher. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile blush and highlighting option than the Coloressence Shimmer brick highlighter. It is a revolutionary multi-hued shimmer brick. Designed by our experts one brick has 5 different shades with a fresh radiant glow, providing the face with dimension. Fine micronized pigments with shimmer effects in powder form highlight the makeup, elevating you to be the focus of every eye. The multi-purpose product can be used as a blusher or a highlighter. Just a swipe across the cheekbones and your face get a chiseled appeal. A satin finish for a gorgeous, almost weightless feel and all-day shine, this one is a virtual no-brainer!

  1.   Premium Primer Gel

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Give your face, the treatment it deserves with a product that is perfected for the sheen of the skin and prepares a base for the makeup. Just a drop of this miracle product is enough to add a dollop of glow to your face. It creates a canvas for blending the makeup well on your face and provides a matte finish as well. We recommend applying a pea-sized blob before applying foundation for a glowing-from-within look.  Definitely worth a dekko!

  1. Shimmer Highlighter

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Elevate your look to the next level with a hint of glitter and pop. The Coloressence Shimmer Highlighter is that coveted final touch that will add a little extra ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to your look, elevating the front and center of every party and will make everyone wonder, “Who’s that girl?” This multi-purpose shimmery powder instantly enhances the aesthetic feels of one's makeup look. Apply it on top of your eyeshadow or lipstick or use it as it is for a shimmery diva effect, this one will get you hooked to it for a lifetime!

  1. Perfect Makeup Remover

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No makeup kit is ever complete without a gentle, nourishing, and light/non-oily makeup remover. The Coloressence Perfect Makeup Remover is an absolute must-have because it is made specifically for an Indian skin type and moreover it is easy to apply with a light, non-oily finish, that will leave your pores happy and clean, especially after a night on the town. This oil-free remover is perfect for face rejuvenation, removes makeup in one swipe, and gets rid of the dirt too. The formula is very mild and hence, does not cause irritation even in the eyes. It’s a one-swipe makeup remover, where even the darkest of makeup comes off in seconds by wiping it with a cotton dipped in the Perfect Makeup Remover solution.

So, that was our list of the 7 essential products to jazz up the look of any maven. Makeup is the one tool in your arsenal that elevates your beauty regimen to the next level. With these 7 must-have products, go forth and be gorgeous! Until next time, color your spirit, and stay beautiful ~ inside and out!