Sweat Proof your Summer Makeup

Summers are all about flowing resort wear and a dewy glow on the face. Makeup can not only enhance your summer look appeal but also give you a chiseled and bronzed beachy look, which is perfect for the summer holidays. However, the sweat due to excessive heat causes the makeup to bleed many times, leaving the lovely ladies with dripping and patchy face makeup. But, worry no more. These quick tips and product recommendations will make sure that your makeup stays in place and makes you dazzle all day long.
To start with, it is crucial that you start applying the makeup on a cleansed and toned face. Wash the face off with a mild cleanser and follow it up by using a toner on the face. Also, make sure that your skin is cooled down before application of makeup.

  • • The most important point is to always use a primer as the first step of makeup. The primer helps in keeping the makeup from leaking or fading in the scorching heat. Applying a few drops of primer all over the face and neck also helps in easy blending of makeup.
  • • A no brainer is to choose only water proof makeup products as those will bleed much less and cause less concern.
  • • Go for a light foundation or perhaps a BB cream for your base. Skip the unnecessary layers of foundation or high coverage in this season as it can lead to a messy ordeal later on. Stick to one layer of foundation or perhaps, even a tinted moisturizer if you want to skip the foundation out.
  • • Never forget to set the foundation/base with loose powder. It helps to keep the base in place and also gives a matte effect, perfect for summers. (HD Loose Powder)
  • • Give a quick swipe of waterproof mascara and eyeliner to enhance your eyes. Remember, sometimes less is more and you want to look absolutely classy and not messy.
  • • Apply your lip liner and lipstick but you can perhaps, skip the gloss. A creamy lipstick would work just right.
  • • Make sure that you complete the makeup routine by spraying a makeup fixer all across your face and neck. This is extremely important as it helps in fixing the makeup for a long time.
  • • Last but not the least, keep some tissue paper and earbuds handy in your purse, to remove any drip of color on the go.
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