Get the picture perfect selfie Pout

You can very well image sitting in a café or perhaps dancing in a club with the phone in your hand, adjusting your angle for the perfect selfie! The millennials might go without food but cannot go without clicking a barrage of selfies on any occasion or perhaps even sitting at home. Moresoever with the celebrities pouting their way on every day makes the pout game more aggressive. So, what’s the secret behind getting a luscious pout for a perfect selfie? Let’s find out!

  • • Exfoliate! Period. The key to achieving star like pouty lips is exfoliation with a mild lip scrub. You can even go for homemade scrub recipes like brown sugar and honey. The process scraps off the deal cells or dry flakes and preps the lips.
  • • Try using a lip primer if you want to go an extra mile. It will not only fill all the gaps on the lips but it will also be helpful in making lipstick last long and look smooth.
  • • Using a lip liner is a good idea as you can draw the line, a little outside of your lips to make them appear bigger and fuller.
  • • Draw an X ~ The best and easiest method to achieve perfect Cupid's bow is by drawing an X on the top of the upper lips to define them more. Drawing an X will give lips a proper dimension and highlight Cupid's bow more.
  • • Fill in the lipstick and seal it with 2 coats of the same lipstick or a combination of colors.
  • • Round off with a lip gloss to make the lips shine out and get ready to pose away with the perfect pouty lips.

  • P.S.: You can also try some lip exercises every day like pretending to blow out the candles on your cake or even the mock kissing pose. A little of these steps go a long way in pouting away your lip woes.