Drip Proof your Makeup


September is here but the rains seem to linger on and not budge anytime soon. This is the time when you will love to splash in the water, partying at the discos at night and enjoying all day at beach. And your usual makeup kits wouldn’t cope with this season’s-party time. The question which comes to your mind that will your makeup last through hot days?  Don’t be disappointed. Waterproof makeup is actually the need of the hour to look perfect.Waterproof makeup is a simple thing which gives you a peace of mind.  Be it a special occasion like wedding or a day at poolside, waterproof makeup is a necessity on every occasion. It is your companion for the sweating season and also for those dripping days. Check out the Pros and how to make most of the ‘No drip makeup’ here Coloressence!

No Drip makeup doesn’t mean simply waterproof makeup but it also denotes the tips and tricks which can help your makeup stay longer and not bleed. Even on regular days with the sun shining bright, there is a possibility that your makeup starts to bleed after a few hours of application. Many a time, you find yourself in the trap of bleeding black eyeliner on your foundation, smudging it and ruining the whole look. However, you can avoid this messy situation by being a ‘makeup smartie’ and using the following tactics to seal your makeup, perfectly in place.

“Less is the better” –is the golden rule for waterproof makeup. If you don’t want to end up with a messed-up and melted face, you can avoid applying concealer and cream based foundation during summer days. Moisturize and apply a thin layer of face primer. Hydrate skin with a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid which keeps moisture to the skin. There are cosmetics available which help you to sustain in humidity and your makeup will stay in place. If you still need a heavy coverage, go for a tinted moisturizer. Use a cheek stain for a lasting glow on your cheeks. Fix makeup applying a sheer coat of transparent powder.

Waterproof Makeup Products

That’s a no brainer right? Choosing high quality waterproof makeup products which minimize the risk of the liner, mascara or eyeshadow dripping on the face, if hit by even a single drop of water or sweat. Coloressence has a range of face, lips and eye makeup products that are sweat proof and water proof and can go a long way in making you shine, whole day long.

Give Your Face the Right Base
Primer is an important thing for waterproof makeup. This magic potion helps makeup stay in place. Use aluminizing primer that fills in pores and fine lines while imparting a glow to skin. Go for Coloressence Gold Pore Refiner that not only fills in the open pores but also prepares your skin for makeup application that will last long.

Set the Base

Applying a foundation and keeping it from bleeding away is the most crucial part of makeup. But well, we have a product up our sleeve which will make sure that your foundation stays intact with a matte finish. Dab on Coloressence HD Loose Powder on your face after finishing your base makeup. It acts like a setting powder for the base and gives a flawless even toned matte finish. Go for the Banana shade which suits all Indian skin tone.

Proper Make Up for Your Eyes
Eye makeup needs special attention for summertime. Keep liner, eye shadow and mascara in place with water resistant formulas. Go for eye pencils and waterproof eyeliners to stop your eye makeup from melting. You should stay away from eye crayons, as they will smudge your eye makeup and it will be a disaster. Waterproof mascara like our Ultra Lash Volumizing Mascarais also a must if you’d like to keep your makeup in place. Don’t sacrifice while choosing the colours of liner or eye shadow. A waterproof and crease-resistant cream shadow and liner duo will help you a lot in achieving waterproof eye makeup.

For your Lips
For waterproof lip makeup applying face powder on lips before putting your lipstick is must. For those who prefer lip glosses and lipsticks, first apply powder on lips. Then dab on some stay-on lip formulas like our Intense Liquid Lip Colors which dry in an instant and create a matte layer of color on your lips. Shine with no worry of your lipstick fading or running out. You can also seal the lipcolor with a transparent top coat.

Fix your makeup in place

Once your makeup is fully done, do not forget to spray over a good makeup fixer over your face and neck to make your makeup stay in place. Coloressence has recently launched the Makeup FX Makeup Fixing Spray to shoo away your woes of waterproofing and fixing makeup.

Hair Is Important
A pertinent hairstyle is another important thing for waterproof makeup. The topknot is the best for summer days. Your hair’s up and off your neck, and the high bun has a cheekbone-lifting effect. But don’t let the frizzy hairs to come around your forehead as it will be a disaster if you sweat. To shore up your topknot for summer fun, mist strong-hold hairspray directly onto the topknot and then set using your hair-dryer for a minute or two. The result will be sweat-proof and perfect pool-side makeup.

But before going for waterproof makeup, you should be well aware of its application. You need to take care of it and maintain it till the required time. So your job doesn’t end even after the application. Sweat, heat, rain are some of the considerable things as they can adversely affect all your efforts made on the makeup. Waterproof makeup is very useful in maintaining your makeup for the desired duration of time.

 Tips for Using Water-Resistant Makeup

The waterproof makeup helps you to be confident that nothing will affect your makeup and you need not be embarrassed.

  • If properly applied, the waterproof makeup lasts entire day.
  • Waterproof makeup is especially important for anyone who wishes to wear a long-lasting makeup foundation that will stay on for the whole day.
  • It may make your skin feel very silkier by using the cover mark finishing powder.
  • In order to make a waterproof foundation, an oil base is used. The oils used for this purpose are very light.