Bold and Bright makeup for Dusky Skin tone

Every skintone looks beautiful and has its own charm in itself but to better understand the way how specific colors and products suit a particular person, we classify the skin tones into Light, Medium and Dusky. Makeup in fact stands out the most on dusky skin tones and enhances the beauty to another level. Most of the Indian women have a dusky skin tone and they look ethereal even in simple kohl lined eyes and tinted lips. We will run you through some tips that women with dusky skin tone can follow to make their makeup stand out in full glory.

  • • Dusky skin tends to look ashy when it’s dry so ensure that you properly moisturise your skin before starting your makeup
  • • Primers are a must! Look for a pore filling primer which gives a matte effect as well.
  • • For colour correction, use orange or red concealer instead of pink, blue, yellow or green. Orange, and red work best because these colour correcting shades neutralize dark brown discolouration that women of colour experience
  • • Balance out your eye and lip makeup as having both dramatic eyes and lips can look over the top and garish. If you’re wearing bright red lipstick, then keep your eyes neutral and if you are going for a smokey eyes, then wear beige or nude lipstick.
  • • Use products that have been designed for dusky skin tones and opt for brands that offer a wide range of shades, curated for Indian skin tones.
  • • Pink blusher can give brown skin tones an ashy appearance, so use either a dark peach blusher or a golden hued blusher to accentuate your cheekbones and give it a natural golden dew finish.
  • • One more tip is to use cream based makeup as it blends well on the skin and make the makeup look natural.

  • Faux Pas that you must avoid
  • • Embrace your skin tone and don't try to change it with lighter tone foundations. Using a foundation shade that is lighter than your skin tone is a complete disaster. Always pick a shade that matches your skin perfectly.
  • • When you choose a lip shade, make sure that it matches your undertone and doesn't make you appear dull.
  • • When it comes to contour, use a shade that is a tone darker to your skin (Just one tone darker. Don't pick the darkest shade from the collection)
  • • Make sure that you do not use liquid products on top of powder based products as it will leave your face with unblended patches
  • • One big mistake to avoid is using too much glitter on the face. Don't use a highlighter that has big particles in it, go for a milder, shimmers and if you are using a glossy lipstick, opt for a neutral eye look and vice versa.
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