7 Lip Color Trends for Autumn Winter 2021

Now that the monsoons are almost over, and the temperature has gone from balmy hot to nippy cold, it is officially Autumn-Winter 2021. The winter air has some magic in it and drives one to be more experimental and flashy. This means that in a few short weeks, the shades you’ve been sporting on your lips will soon go passé. Say goodbye to your baby pinks and nude browns and make way for the bolder hues of crimson, magenta, rust and wine! Well don’t worry, as always, we at Coloressence, have your back with the top 7 lip color trends for autumn-winter 2021. The eclectic mix presents a perfect palette of colors for all skin tones and raises the glam quotient up a few level. So without any delay, let’s begin, shall we?

Quick Tip:

According to leading experts, the shades for the season are predominantly in the red family, but if you feel particularly adventurous, oxidized and orange shades too, are very much in vogue.

 1. Crimson Magic

Crimson can never go wrong. Period. Be it a luncheon with the girls or a date night, set it alight in a shade that demands to be viewed and craves the spotlight! Crimson Magic is one of the signature reds in the Coloressence Gold Matte Intense Lip Color range and is highly recommended for both a sangeet (take away the attention from the bride, baby) or even a casual brunch scene with friends (we’re sure they will NOT be able to get their eyes off your sizzling pout!) You could also to create fuller lips by first lining them with the Coloressence Lip Liner Pencil and then filling the lips with the Lip Color.

 2. Cranberry

Fill the winter air with a shade that will make others blush! The normal pastels do not look so classy in the crisp winter air and we need something more dramatic and stark to stand out in the sombre skies. Cranberry from the Intense Long Wear Lip Color range is our signature shade and is highly fashionable this winter. The shade will carry you through the day, whether at work or at play. Sure it is a tad dramatic and flush, but that’s exactly what the drab winter needs. Put on some nude makeup and just highlight your cheekbones with the Shimmer Brick Highlighter from Coloressence and team it with Cranberry to be the cynosure of all eyes!

 3. Burnt Sienna

Not all reds were created alike, and some are just more suitable for certain occasions than others. So if you crave to be the belle of the ball, at the season’s hottest do’s, Burn Sienna, from the Coloressence Gold Pure Matte Lipstick Series is your ticket to coolsville! A unique combination of red, orange and brown, this shade is a winner all the way. Standing out brightly on any skin tones, Burnt Sienna will go a long way in being your makeup bag staple. A strong shade, this particular one goes extremely well with formal and casual looks and is bound to get the attention of every living soul to where it is supposed to be, on your gorgeous lips!

 4. Tangerine Rush

Citrus is the fruit of the season, and what better way to get in the mood, than with a fiery, citrus-inspired shade? Reds have dominated the makeup scene since decades but well, change is a part of life! Orange or Tangerine hues have picked up well and in fact, pair up very nicely with the Indian skin tones. Tangerine Rush, from Coloressence’s Gold Matte Intense Lip Color Range is just what the doctor ordered. It is definitely a bold shade that will stand out in a crowd, but there’s more, being a matte inspired lip color it dries instantly, doesn’t leave a mess and lasts pretty long too!

 5. Wine Time

Think a lazy winter evening and think wine! Yes, but not in your glass but on your lips! Another instant classic, Wine Time, from the Coloresssence Gold Pure Matte Lip Color Range is an awesome shade to wear, especially for formal occasions. A deep shade that instantly evokes, mystery, seduction & glamour, this shade is recommended for any woman who is seeking to make an impression, well a long lasting and seductive impression anyway. Wine shade is perfect for an evening out or can even rock a ballroom gown, if mixed and matched with the perfection. And as they say, anytime is wine time!

 6. Brown Sugar

No, do not get us wrong. We are talking about yet another favourite from the Coloressence Gold’s Matte Intense Lip Color Range, Brown Sugar. It is an almost earthy tone, reminiscent of red clay that, when used well, yields such a glam and stunning result. Brown so rich that wearing it makes you feel like royalty to the hilt. A good thing with brown lipstick is that it goes well with almost any color of outfit. So, when in doubt, don’t fret and just wear brown! Wear it to a formal occasion and you’ll have everyone’s attention, to a meeting and you’ll have them enraptured, or simply on a first (of many) dates, and you will have him wrapped around your fingers!

 7. Hot Chocolate

A winter staple in more ways than one! Hot Chocolate (the drink) makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Hot Chocolate (the shade), from the Coloressence Moisturising Lip Color Range, will similarly add the appeal and glam to any winter outfit. Experiment with this shade for both formal and casual looks. Keep it handly in your makeup bag to give your lips, the touch of hot chocolate on the go. We are pretty certain that it will elevate either to a whole new level!

That was our round up on the best shades for this autumn winter ~ Coloressence has the right shades of lip colors, lined up for you. Cart one or cart them all! Mix and match and make sure that you ace the fashion and beauty line-up hands down, this season!