In a world where we often say, “less is more”, makeup also seems to follow the same trend. Yes, makeup should essentially mean ‘makeup’ and looking decked-up always is not necessary. And, if no- makeup look can let you achieve your goal of looking effortlessly beautiful all the time, why shy away from it?

This raving trend is known as- nude or no-makeup look. Nude make-up is ideal for women with sharp features. If you choose to go for this look, you’re basically showcasing your natural beauty without a substantial amount of foundation or bronzer. Some people might consider this look ‘bland’ but if you’ve applied the right products on the right places, it can turn out to be really glamorous! Apart from making you look flawlessly beautiful, another reason why many girls are also opting for this is because of the celebrity influence. Yes, most celebrities have been spotted wearing nude makeup look, and yet looking ultra-glamorous. Choosing the right quantity and quality of products and doing it in the right way can make you look like a diva yourself– that too in no time! Here are some important tips from NEU Salon on how to master the ‘No- makeup’ look.


Primer, at first acts as a base for the make-up. Then applying a liquid concealer on the under-eyes and on any dark spots is a good way to brighten those areas. Followed by applying a cream blush & bronzer/contour. A light cream shadow to the eyes and a little mascara always helps while you finish it off with the ideal lip gloss.


There are very simply tips to go about doing nude make-up. Firstly, the less colour, the better. Choose basic, neutral colors such as rose, beige or peach. The blush should only have a light tint, similar to the colour you use. Go for a neutral lip gloss. Lightly line your eyes but use a heavier hand with the mascara. The key to monochromatic beauty is to ensure that the ideal products are being used that go hand-in-hand with your skin tone & hair colour. There are some more tips that you should pay heed to. Like using a beauty sponge to remove any excess products that you think you might have used. It is highly recommended to use cream based products for a natural glow.


If you’re going for a nude make-up look, the main purpose it to enhance your facial features instead of transforming them entirely.  For example, for a fresh look, it’s helpful to mask the dark-circles with a touch of concealer. Here are some more things you should consider before rocking a no-makeup make-up look!


Even out your skin by using a tinted moisturizer.
Use a bit of bronzer to give a subtle sun-kissed look. Applying the bronzer with a fluffy blush brush is ideal.
Before applying make-up, prep your skin with a lightly hydrating toner or serum. It could be as simple as enlivening your skin with a soft blush or restoring radiance in key areas like over the cheekbones, bridge of the nose &Cupid’s bow.


Try not to wear glittery make-up or nail polish.
Avoid bright-coloured eye-shadows and stick with muted tones of bronze, beige, taupe & chocolate.
Too much mascara can be a serious disaster as nothing looks worse than clumpy lashes.

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