Ah, makeup! The one thing that can instantly elevate any look and make us feel like a million bucks. Makeup plays a huge role in our day to day lives, giving us confidence and allowing us to portray a self- assured version of ourselves to everyone we meet. Like all great things, however, makeup too comes with its own set of challenges. Challenges like are you doing it right, and are you using the best possible removal routine.


Why is makeup removal important?

Makeup is composed of natural mineral extracts and synthetic compounds that, if left on for too long can cause the delicate skin on your face harm. If left on overnight, certain chemical compounds in facial and eye makeup can cause the pH balance of your face irreparable harm. It is therefore imperative that you clean up your makeup as soon as you return home, from work or a social function.


Your 6 step makeup removal routine


  1. Always be prepared

Makeup removal isn’t rocket science, but preparation is key. Always keep the following things handy when it comes to makeup removal.

  • A soft cotton towel
  • Cotton swabs or a soft swatches
  • A good makeup remover
  • Warm water


  1. Give yourself easy access to all areas

The first and most important aspect of the makeup removal process is ensuring that you have unrestricted access to all areas of your face. So before you start, ensure that your hair is put away. Tie it up in a bun, ensuring that stray locks are combed/brushed away from your face. Make sure that your hair is neatly tucked behind your ears etc. This way you will be able to access all areas of your face properly.


  1. Use the power of steam

One of the simplest but most often overlooked things in a makeup removal routine is the power of steam. In a shallow tub take some warm, steaming water. Cover your head with a cloth and simply let the steam work its magic. This simple action will unclog your facial pores, instantly dislodging any remnants of makeup that are clogging them up. Instantly noticeable is the ease with which the stubbornest of residue comes off.


  1. Never be too harsh on your eyes

The skin around your eyes is extra sensitive and thin. This means that vigorous rubbing, pulling and unwarranted stretching will cause grave harm. In order to remove kohl, mascara or any other eye makeup, ensure that you do so gently, by rinsing your eyes with cool or lukewarm water. For the skin around the eyes, use a soft cotton ball to gently get rid of the makeup.


  1. Massage makeup away

When using a wash off makeup remover like the Coloressence Makeup Remover, it is a good idea to rub it into your skin, in a gentle, circular motion. Pamper yourself with the silky feel of the product and allow it to soak up the excess chemicals that are on the surface and in your pores. Wash away the makeup remover first with warm water to expel all the crud completely. Follow this up with a cold water rinse in order to help seal off any open pores.


  1. Finish off with a gentle lotion

Once you’re done with cleansing your skin of any and all excess makeup, it is a wonderful idea to finish off with a gentle lotion in order to give your skin the nutrition it craves. A lightweight, oil-free lotion is the best option as this will make your skin softer, with no tension of the messy, oily feeling.


Makeup removal is an often-times ignored process, but with this simple step-by-step guide, there are no more excuses for NOT indulging in it. Until next time, color your spirit, ladies and watch this space for more makeup tutorials, easy DIY looks and lots more. As always we are most interested in hearing your opinions, feedback and suggestions. You could leave us your thoughts in the comments below, or make yourself heard on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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